Suriya – Epitome of Inspirations, Discipline and Will Power

Suriya – Epitome of Inspirations, Discipline and Will Power

News 23-Jul-2015 10:07 AM IST RM Comments

Will power, confidence and discipline – Sky is the limit for those possesses these traits. Every successful man has such assets that breaks against the turmoil of perplexities, bad criticisms and almost everything that ridicules their aspirations sometimes. Yes, Saravanan and now the charming handsome Suriya has come across the hassling hurdles and with a much self-realization of understanding his hidden potentials scaled great heights. He just didn’t prove himself to be a great performer in unconventional roles, but took forth prowess efforts in claiming the commercial mass hero status with good scripts and characterisations.

His accomplishments don’t confine merely to the showbiz, but his good-hearted altruism becomes one of his defining criteria bringing spotlight over him.

Standing out to be an epitome of honourable hubby, who understands that women are not just homemakers, but they do have their dreams. A real man is someone who makes her dreams come true, which makes the world, adores his parents on how he raised with wonderful qualities to respect women.

We at Top 10 Cinema wish you a great birthday Suriya that you may continue to inspire us not just as a hard-working personality, but a wonderful family man and affectionate friend to all.

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