Eli Movie Review


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Directtion : Yuvaraj Dhayalan
Production : City Cine Creations
Starring : Vadivelu, Sadha
Music : Vidyasagar
Cinematography : Paul Livingstone
Editing : V. T. Vijayan, T. S. Jay

What’s wrong with Vadivelu? The strong and staunch reason that would hit your rational side of brain. Far-famed for his satirical take on many issues, his hilarious lines and slapstick comedy tracks still remain to be a wonderful amusement to the kids and old age persons. That’s his magical mantra. But when he decided to make his debut in lead role, it was all good only with Tenali Raman and rest were just mediocre. Last year, filmmaker Yuvaraj Dhayalan (made his debut directorial with the film ‘Potta Potti’ starring Sadagoppan Ramesh in lead) collaborated with Vadivelu in ‘Tenali Raman’, which was a below average fare. Now they are back together again for trying out something different, but again in the ‘Period’ genre.


Set against the backdrops of Chennai 1960, we see Eli Samy (Vadivelu), a devil may care crooked thief, who has been looting the stuffs from rich guys for his daily life. Witnessing his cunning skills, police department appoints him as a spy to join the club of fraudulent smugglers headed by Pratap Rawat, who is bootlegging cigarettes to bring them down.


Completely devastating craft of screenplay and not so enjoyable sequences – Eli gets wedged between these factors and this turns out to be a letdown. We don’t mean to say that period films with comedy is going to be an out of comfort zone for the audiences. In the past, we have seen films like Victoria Room No. 203 and the spoofy film ‘Quick Gun Murugan’. Regardless of it stereotypical factors, these movies gained more attention. Yuvaraj Dhayalan has come up with a script that is flawed at the basic levels. The first half is nowhere closer to the concept and he has purposely elongated the first hour with inadequacies. Post-intermission when we aspire, there would be some strong elements with strong narration. But again disappointingly, the momentum is flimsy till the end. On the technical part, nothing is appreciable.


Vadivelu has carved a niche for himself in the Tamil industry. But overestimating his strengths, he relentlessly keeps up his ‘Chatter-Box’. He keeps talking on and on, there is no pause between the lines. Moreover, there is no relevance between the funny moments and actual plot. Sadha appears only by second half, but is regrettable to see such a promising heroine who played the female lead in ‘Anniyan’ to be a part of this project. Kitty is such a genius actor, but has been wasted, Aditya again is disappointing.

What works?

1. Nothing special, except few comedy episodes

What doesn’t work?

1. Old patterned plot
2. Boring screenplay
3. Technical quotients.
4. Weak writing

Overall, ‘Eli’ is a below average fare that doesn’t impress or make you laugh anywhere during the film.

Verdict: Disappointing

Rating : 3/10

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