Romeo Juliet Movie Review

A classic title, but slightly lacks the essence of emotions.

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Direction : Lakshman
Production : Madras Enterprises
Starring : Jayam Ravi, Hansika, Vamsi Krishna, Poonam Bajwa
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : S. Soundar Rajan
Editing : Anthony

The very title of this film kept everyone hooked upon the movie and the fascinating colourful posters were indeed a great hype for it. In addition to all this, the song ‘Dandanakka’ made it all happen grabbing everyone’s attention. Starring Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani in lead roles, the film features Poonam Bajwa, VTV Ganesh and few others in important characters.


Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani belong to their own worlds. Ravi is someone who strongly believes that ‘Love is Life’ and for Hansika, it’s ‘Life is about Luxury’. With two unidentifiable characters come across each other, their values and conflicts are confronted and would they be able to lead a happy life together or part ways at the end forms crux of the story.


Rom-Com was perhaps the genre the film is supposed to fall into and filmmaker Lakshman has elaborated the usual drama of what happens between lovers of different thoughts and lifestyle. The concept is basically good and he has managed to deliver the show with passable effort. But what turns to be a little disappointing here is the WRITING. Almost all the scenes in this movie seemingly are inspired from some of our very own Tamil movies. It’s an ego clash between a guy and girl and what else could be done more than annoying others other than showcasing them. The first few minutes of the first half has some light moments that is quite enjoyable, but they turn out to be too lengthy. Eventually second half has some piece of interesting moments, but again they drag you to core turning us restless till climax. Certain dialogues in the film might have its appreciation among the teenage audiences. Technically, the film is worthy of appreciations for its songs and background score by D Imman are done with voguish panache. Not to miss the cherry-pick of this album – Dandanakka crooned by Anirudh and Idharkuthane Aasai Pattai Balakumari by Vaikom Vijayalakshmi. The cinematography is composed of some rich visuals and henceforth eventually has its appealing attraction.


Nearly after a year, we have a release from Jayam Ravi post-Nimirnthu Nil and he has toned his body perfectly looking handsome as before. His looks are much designed and his chemistry with Hansika Motwani is beauteously depicted. Hansika Motwani on her part has very established her acting prowess and made use of role with extra efforts. Even her looks are very well sported and she looks gorgeous. Others in the cast including Poonam Bajwa have tried contributing their graceful presence. Although, she arrives during the later point in the film, she somehow becomes an intriguing part of the tale. VTV Ganesh as usual plays his role effortlessly and in places evokes laughter.

What works?

1. Sizzling onscreen chemistry of Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani.
2. The opening title credits showcasing evergreen romantic Tamil movies clippings and Dandanakka Song.
3. Few romantic and emotional scenes
4. VTV Ganesh’s comedy tracks.

What doesn’t work?

1. Stereotypical plot
2. Predictable screenplay.
3. Some logics missing.

With lots and lots of horror movies conquering the theatres, Romeo Juliet comes as a relief with ‘Romance’ genre. However, with some prototyped elements and second half turning little slow, the film would surely cater to the tastes of teenagers.

Verdict: A classic title, but slightly lacks the essence of emotions.

Rating : 4.5

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