Inimey Ippadithaan Movie Review

Cool, fun and humour

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Direction : Muruganand
Producion : Handmade Films
Starring : Santhanam, Ashna Zaveri, Akhila Kishore
Music : Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi
Cinematography : Gopi Jagadesswaran
Editing : Anthony L. Ruben

Sit back relaxed, chill out with your favourite popcorns-snacks and walk out with fun and a good message. That’s the mantra of Inimey Ippadithaan, which happens to be the second outing of Santhanam in lead role. The film is directed by filmmakers duo Muruganand and is produced by Santhanam under the banner of Handmade Films. Ashna Zaveri and Akhila Kishore in female lead characters are the additional attractions.


Santhanam is a cute handsome boy, but has a serious issue of finding a perfect soul mate. His parents keep looking out for a girl, but there’s no good news. Sooner after witnessing that arranged marriages don’t get a good match, Santhanam decides to make a beautiful girl fall in love with her and she is none other than Ashna Zaveri. Meanwhile, his uncle (Thambi Ramaiah) along with parents finalise a good looking girl (Akhila Kishore) and things get complicated when he has to tackle them both. What unfolds next is a series of trial and error with a beautiful message at end.


First thing that we notice about the film is that everyone in the team has exerted the hard work in delivering a beautiful film… Each and every dialogue laced with witticism land up celebration in the theatres. In fact, Santhanam has tried something unique borrowing the formulae from Hollywood rom-coms. The writers have taken scrutinising efforts over penning the lines in a way that it doesn’t irk the audiences. The directors have tried crafting good characterisation, especially for Thambi Ramaiah who hasn’t been under spotlights for a while. While we would be perplexed on who’s going to marry Santhanam, the director has found a justifying end, albeit few might not accept it, but it holds a strong message on marital life. The songs are decently composed and they are feet-tapping ones, though plenty in number during second half. The cinematography and editing works are okay indeed. However, the post-production works involving DI could have been little better for there seems to be little glare in visuals.


Santhanam has very well understood the need to improvise his role and performance has excelled well when compared to his previous film ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham’. His body language, mannerisms and dialogue deliveries are very well done. His performance during the climax is commendable. Specifically, his fight sequence involving high heels choreographed by Dhilip Subbarayan is good. Ashna Zaveri looks leaner than her previous film VPA and somehow suits the role well. On the pars, Akhila Kishore although appears only by the time of intermission does her part efficiently. Aadukalam Narain as Santhanam’s father is appreciable. VTV Ganesh evokes some laughter in places. Altogether, it’s the funny dialogues that makes every character noticeable and Thambi Ramaiah gains some favour among the audiences as well.

What works?

1. Santhanam’s trademark humour
2. Intermission and climax point are commendable
3. Interesting comedy scenes

What doesn’t work?

1. Songs are good, but nowhere close to the film’s screenplay.
2. The technical aspects could have been better

Overall, Inimey Ippadithaan becomes an affordable entertainer with fun, humour and some substantial elements that makes the worth watching for the weekend.

Verdict: Cool, fun and humour

Rating : 5/10

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