Jurassic World Movie Review

Fabulously designed and well crafted action adventure.

Reviews 12-Jun-2015 11:15 AM IST Top 10 Comments

When we saw it all for the first time, this was a small park and that got its title ‘Jurassic Park’ and now it has been transformed into a huge world, where the millions of people throng as though an exhibition and enjoy the exotic view. Maybe, for the ardent buffs of Jurassic franchise, they have something to be disappointing. Yes, the film doesn’t have some of the prominent actors, who were present in the past three instalments. But it gains it own intensity with some intriguing elements like strong twists and turns.

It’s been 22 years; the Jurassic Park had actually gone through lots of catastrophic events. Now it’s Jurassic world at Isla Nublar featuring some of the most fascinating things in the form of theme park. To ensure that they are top on biz and to confront the competitors, the members over here develop something unique as special highlight, which indeed turns out to have a disastrous effect.

With all excitements we tend to enter the theatres and many have their own feast of having some best moments seeing their stars. Especially with Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan making his presence, it’s indeed a good treat. But with the screenplay, there seems to be little sluggishness during the first hour and the actually confrontations and action commence by second hour. One of the most prominent things about the film is that Steven Spielberg has clearly understood the scenario of ‘Jurassic Park’ previous instalments. He has eventually brought them together as a reality in reel factor by transforming them into huge theme park, which is ample evidence.

The characterisations are quite stereotypical and their acts are literally predictable. For instance, we know what’s gonna happen with protagonist and a lady who joins him on the mission, but the unpredictable part is that the final act, the clash between the dinosaurs, which makes everything outstanding. They are so much stunningly shot with breathtaking CG works and mind-boggling action sequences. The clash between three dinosaurs, the goodies and baddies are extraordinary. The way they communicate and turn up against the human side is yet another twist in the tale.

Overall, Jurassic World brings forth some excitements during the initial hours, but it boasts of some really appreciable moments during the second half with a perfect way to finish with climax.

Verdict: Fabulously designed and well crafted action adventure.

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