Kaaka Muttai Movie Review

Crow’s eggs. Much unique as its title

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Direction & Cinematographay : Manikandan
Production : Wunderbar Films & Graas Root Film Companay
Starring : Ramesh, Vignesh, Iswarya
Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar
Editing : Kishore

Yearning aspirations – who doesn’t lead a life without it? Everyone has their own dreams, sometimes silly and most of the times, literally impossible ones. You wanna own a yacht, a private island and for someone, a perfume that would enliven their presence. Over here, these kids want to munch in a Pizza recently opened in their slum neighbourhood. Winning several international acclaims and National awards, Manikandan’s Kaaka Muttai produced by Vetrimaaran and Dhanush hits screens worldwide today...


Situated across the bank of Coovum River, two brothers – elder one as Periya Kaaka Muttai (Vignesh) and his younger brother – Chinna Kaaka Muttai (Ramesh). His father has been pushed behind the bars for a petty crime and his mother (Aishwarya Rajesh) is the absolute wage earner for their family. As these young kids roam vaguely and aimlessly, something sensitive strikes their cynosure and that’s about a new pizza shop inaugurated in their neighbourhood. When they decide to grab their piece, the brothers get indulged in various means of acts to spin the money and finally enter the hub, only to get insulted for the owner for their shabby dressing. What unfolds next is something that blatantly speaks about how Globalization has intensely impacted the lower strata.


First word! Manikandan’s crisp narration and beautiful visuals becomes the major attraction that comes well packaged with the performance of these young kids. Needless to say, the film gets slightly few moments to settle and once, the conflict is set in motion, it carries us with vivid involvement. The visual delineation of slum regions in Chennai has been exotically shot. Although, we have seen many films of this locality, it holds some prominence for being uniquely different. Most precisely, the film doesn’t boast of a complicated theme, but speaks gently through the feelings of the people residing in here. The last 20 minutes of this film really brings forth inevitable emotions in us. GV Prakash has tried bringing his best on background score, but this isn’t the best from music director, who has delivered some promising BGMs as backbone for many movies.


Both Vignesh and Ramesh! Needless to say and as mentioned above, they easily breathe more lives into the characters they have played. Every dialogue in this film penned are so normal, but when uttered with enthusiastic approach by these kids, it gains additional intensity. That’s the power of their performance. Regardless to say, they casually take a sleepwalk through their roles. Aishwarya Rajesh is a special surprise and this would actually become a turning point in her career graph. Others in the cast including Ramesh Thilak, Babu Antony and few more, especially the one in Railway labour role employ their best performances.

What works ?

Kaaka Muttai is almost a docu-drama, which has its own settings and typical formulae.

1. The performances
2. Screenplay
3. Cinematography is a visual poetry.

What doesn’t work?

1. The film takes some time to settle with actual conflict.
2. BGM of GV Prakash in few places could have been better.

It’s a new genre in Tamil film industry, which would encourage many filmmakers to attempt making films based on some realistic social issues that lie underneath away from spotlights. Such films based on emotions and human spirits is a must welcome in the Tamil film fraternity.

Verdict : Crow’s eggs. Much unique as its title

(Since we cannot rate the film Kaaka Muttai on commercial aspects, we have avoided the ratings.)

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