Demonte Colony Movie Review

Not too scary. But can be watch for different attempt.

Reviews 22-May-2015 4:23 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : R.Ajay Gnanamuthu
Starring : Arulnithi, Raghavan, Ramesh Thilak
Music : Keba Jeremiah
Cinematography : Aravinnd Singh
Editing : Bhuvan Srinivasan
Production : Sri Thenandal Films, Mohana Movies

How to start this with? Lots of horror movies have been emerging out and no doubt the fans are readily crazy to grab their Friday tickets for it. Demonte Colony directed by debutant Ajay Gnanamuthu and produced by Mohan Pictures stars Arulnithi in lead role is hitting screens worldwide today (May 22).


Four Friends on unexpected adventurous mindsets embark on to a haunted house called ‘Demonte Colony’ during the deep night of Chennai. As one among them manages to loot away a Chain, the friends have their own toast of spine-freezing misfortunes for the next moments. What actually happened to the place called ‘Demonte Colony’ and will these friends manage to get out of this troublesome turbulence forms crux of the story.


Japanese horrors are the mother of this genre and they have experimented with all newfangled techniques through narrative and technical aspects. In fact, the very own Hollywood industry has been banking its hopes on Japanese filmmakers for this genres and James Wan has been deliberately the best of this season. His incessant hit movies like The Conjuring and ‘Insidious’ franchise has seemingly become the stark inspiration for Ajay Gnanamuthu. The film commences on a normal and ordinary note with the makers trying to include some commercial aspects, which travels with mediocre momentum and the actual twist comes during the interval block that would obviously keep us smilingly knocked out with chill and thrills. The second half has some appropriate mix of eerie moments, but it’s not completely engaging.

Musical score by Keba Jeremiah is just average in background as the mild sound effects and the right kind of appealing quotients are perfect indeed. Cinematography by Aravind Singh is the best scintillating element in this film and the complete film belongs to him. The creative angles and placement of camera in different set ups are perfectly done. Editing is sleek and stylish. The special visual effects and sound are fabulously done.


Although Arulnithi plays the lead role in this film, the others accompanying him have their best on parts. Raghavan is so great and proves to be a gifted actor and Ramesh Thilak fits the role perfectly with what he has to do. The actor performing the role of De Monte is the real showstopper. Arulnithi has to develop his skills in dance and he could have delivered few more power-packed performances.

What works?

1. Cinematography
2. Very few some spine-chilling moments.
3. Performance of Raghavan and Ramesh Thilak

What doesn’t work?

1. First half
2. No depth in horror.
3. Poor screenplay

Overall, Demonte Colony is a film with vagueness, where the plot remains feeble and in no way audiences get scared or thrilled. The film doesn’t engage us prominently and as we keep waiting for the best moments, the show is already over.

Verdict : Not too scary. But can be watch for different attempt.

Rating : 4/10

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