36 Vayadhinile Movie Review

Delightful film with emotions and peck of message

Reviews 15-May-2015 5:04 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Rosshan Andrrews
Production : 2D Entertainment
Starring : Jyothika, Rahman, Abhirami
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : R. Diwakaran
Editing : Mahesh Narayanan

Suriya’s maiden production ’36 Vayadhinile’ marks the comeback of Jyotika, a remake of super hit Malayalam movie ‘How old are you’, directed by Rosshan Andrews.


Boisterously chirpy yet masked with normalcy marks the life of Vasanthi (Jyotika), who is no different from many women who endure giving up her dreams for the sake of family. Incessantly forbidden of respect and affection from her husband (Rahman) and her daughter dreaming bigger of a life in Ireland to embrace luxury and high life. During this process, the forsaken Vasanthi tries to explore herself and prove the world of her potentials.


A feel-good movie – a very rarely used combination of words in our analysis as the genres of horror, adult themed love stories and complicated complex stories have been unceasingly hitting screens every Friday. But with ’36 Vayadhinile’, it’s a breezy impact throughout with some emotions and somewhere hitting us, especially men with some hard truth. An inspiring film for family audiences that would change the perception of women and what they are capable of makes it more compelling. One most beautiful thing about the film is Rosshan Andrew (Maker of original version ‘How old are you’) keeping it simpler and shorter in duration… He has tried conveying what he wanted in crispness. The first half gets very engaging with some lively moments laced with emotional sequences, but the greatest highlight of all is interval block, where Jyotika’s character is defined in just one word “I don’t want to know the question” to her daughter. The first hour has couple of spellbinding moments, the one which has Jyothika and Rahman walking down the roadside with arguments are so realistic. It shows how women in spite of knowing that others are wrong and still accept the pain with silence. The second hour has some light moments and the theme involving around organic farming is just normal.

Songs by Santosh Narayanan and his background score make the film more enriched and in many places scores the best. In fact, for the ones who have already watched the original version, this remake one seems to outperforming merely because of two reasons – Santosh Narayanan’s musical score and the performance-characterisation of Jyotika.


No words! No other actress than Jyotika would have done such a great performance and justice to this role. She never overplays her characterisation and she gives the best and apt gestures whenever needed. The scene where she hilariously involves in verbal fight with the old lady for lying one and half acres of organic farming is good. The scene involving her statement “I was not born with siblings, but with pain” drenches our eyes with tears. Rahman is simply outstanding for he makes a sleepwalking effort with his role. The one enacting their daughter’s role is apt with perfection. Delhi Ganesh is good. Nasser with his minimal scope gets the best spell. Jayaprakash is okay. Devadarshini is so naturalistic. Abhirami in her cameo appearance is commendable.

What works

1. Jyotika
2. Screenplay
3. Beautiful message with emotions empowering women
4. Background score

What doesn’t work?

1. Few scenes are non-engaging
2. Certain sequences look artificial.

36 Vayadhinile is a sweet drama that is soulful of inspirations for every women and for men with some moral to not hinder their spouses, but to have their dreams fulfilled.

Verdict: Delightful film with emotions and peck of message

Rating : 5/10

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