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Illogical yet hilarious, but dragging in parts.

Reviews 8-May-2015 5:48 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Production : Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Direction : N. Anand
Starring : Vijay Antony, Sushma Raj, Pasupathy, Jagan, Manobala
Music : Deena Devarajan
Cinematography : N. Om
Editing : M.Thiyagarajan

Unlikely guy and girl come across each other with some professional conflicts, though with a hidden love. A fake encounter is captured by a journalist and is placed inside a ‘Kadhalukku Mariyadhai’ DVD at a store. The corrupt police officer and his bunch of hooligans are on its search. Laced with comedy and action in the backdrops of some thrill moments, the film has its share of entertainment.


Vijay Antony and Sushma Raj bounce across each other at Landmark showroom and they pick same DVD of Vijay’s romantic entertainer ‘Kadhalukku Mariyadhai’. But lesser they know the fact that there is a serious issue of evidence involved in it. Meanwhile, they get to know that they are lawyers and there seems to be a slapstick drama with Tom and Jerry show up. Meanwhile, they realise that their hearts have been exchanged.


Vijay Antony marked a surprise with his onscreen avatar in movies like ‘Naan’ and ‘Salim’. Both these movies had something of a character we have read in Robin Cook novels. The medical thriller with right course of seriousness and silence involved in it, but here he takes up a different avatar of comedy, which works in few places, but not to a greater extent. The first half proceeds with light moments and seems to be slightly dull. The second half has some humorous elements of hide and chase between the characters and finally, the 15-minute climax delivers the best humour as showstopper which eclipses the bit of dragging scores during the interim. Usually Vijay Antony would compose songs for his own film, but this time with a newcomer taking up, there isn’t much to speak about it. The cinematography is okay.


Vijay Antony’s attempt to try up in the panorama of humour doesn’t work to a greater extent. Moreover, he doesn’t look more confident as in his previous films. The humour works only through the presence of huge star-cast. Sushma Raj with partial look alike of Anushka is good looking and she tries to emote at her best potentials. Pasupathy is the ultimate showstopper with his humour portions working out groovy results and so is MS Bhaskar who is impeccably entertaining. Jagan, MS Bhaskar and others in the comedian star-cast add up their best to savour the audiences. It’s a huge surprise to see that the most corrupt villainous cop (Pandiya Nadu villain) suddenly gets hilarious during the climax.

What works?

1. Comedy sequences though minimal remains amusing.
2. Albeit logic missing, audience cheerfully enjoy the show.

What doesn’t work?

1. Predictable story and screenplay
2. Songs
3. Screenplay gets dragging in few parts

Maybe, Vijay Antony fans might have a surprise of his power-packed performance missing out, but the film has its humour displayed in few places that might entertain the suburban audiences.

Verdict : Illogical yet hilarious, but dragging in parts.

Rating : 3/10

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