Vai Raja Vai - Movie Review

Lacks pace, energy and fun

Reviews 1-May-2015 11:56 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Aishwarya R. Dhanush
Production: AGS Entertainment
Starring: Gautham Karthik, Priya Anand, Taapsee, Daniel Balaji, Vivekh, Sathish
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Velraj

Winning the global fame with ‘3’, Aishwarya Dhanush sets her foot ahead with second outing ‘Vai Raja Vai’ starring Gautham Karthik and Priya Anand in lead roles. The film also features Taapsee, Vivekh, Daniel Balaji, Vivekh and Ethir Neechal Satish in important characters.

Gautham Karthik is born with a phenomenal power, where he can predict things before they are likely to happen, somewhat more as we commonly say ‘ESP’. He is urged by his office colleague (Vivekh) to get into gambling at cricket betting and things take a turn when the dangerous thug (Daniel Balaji), a kingpin in betting and gambling forces him to take a chance upon striking fortune at Casino cruise in Goa.

The basic premise of this film isn’t a surprise and we have seen it zillion times in many movies from Hollywood to our native Kodambakkam. Aishwarya Dhanush has deliberately focused the film completely towards the extrasensory perception concept, but there aren’t any conflicts in screenplay. It’s like you see a person with special powers and he keeps winning through the film and what’s the point, where the baddies become hilarious and comedians get more ridiculous trying to tickle our funny bones. There are lots of actors in the movie, but everyone seems to be doubtful of what they are doing. Priya Anand is seen cuddling with Gautham Karthik and for no reason she is kidnapped. The shocking part is that the kidnapped is given a chance to go stylish with designer wear alongside Gautham and Vivekh at casino. Taapsee as glamorous mathematician has no purpose to appear there. Is she mathematician as she claims or costume designer? She even chooses the best attires for the guys out there. First half travels with no conflicts and when you’re about to think there are surprises awaiting second half, you’re yet again disappointed.

Nothing special to mark about the performances of star-cast except the fact that they all look exotically hot and glamorous…. Gautham Karthik has to get more serious with his roles and he should prefer taking up some powerful roles. Priya Anand appears for no reason. She has to pick up something more unconventionally great. She is capable of giving out the best performance as in ‘180’. Taapsee as Mathematician is like ‘Picking odd one out of the group’. She appears just like that with skimpy costumes. Daniel Balaji is the only one exerting the best potentials. Manobala has nothing special to tickle your funny bones. Vivekh tries up for the best here and there and Ethir Neechal Satish is too talkative.

What works?
1. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score
2. Cinematography

What doesn’t work?
1. Flimsy story, boring screenplay with no surprises.
2. Star-cast looks good, but no strong characterisations
3. Predictable narration

‘Vai Raja Vai’ in contrast to the trailers, fails to impress the audiences. What we see in the trailer could be the best option for audiences to watch out for as it gives a clear short-film version of this flick.

Verdict: Lacks pace, energy and fun

Rating : 3/10

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