Valiyavan Movie Review

A strong title, weak film

Reviews 27-Mar-2015 4:53 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : M. Saravanan
Production : SK Studios
Starring : Jai, Andrea Jeremiah
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : Dinesh Krishnan
Editing : Subarak

Actor Jai exerting his best efforts has come up with a surprising element of six pack and director Saravanan who gained a decorous fame with ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ has helmed this project. Andrea Jeremiah, Azhagam Perumal, Aaron and Bala Saravanan are the others in cast and D Imman has composed music.


Vinod (Jai) is spellbound when a beautiful girl (Andrea Jeremiah) suddenly appears before him and professes ‘I LOVE YOU’. Stuck between the scale of shock and surprise, he starts looking out for her everyday at subway, the same place where they met and finally manages to propose back. Regrettably, she says that it was all for fun and even things have to work out between them, and then he has to fulfil a condition – smash down the world renowned boxing champion. It becomes a vigorous decision for Vinod and embarks on his action-packed journey to accomplish it, but not just for the girl, but a different reason hidden indeed.


A story need not be out of the box or something as an alien one to keep us adhered to the screens. It could be a simple and something that we have already seen in 100 movies, but what really matter is the percentage of engagement among the audiences. The trailer of Valiyavan would have given you an impression of happy-go-lucky youngster locking horns with a herculean champion for the sake of love or a girlfriend. Scenarios persist the same way with some hidden plot, which doesn’t surprise you at most, but leave you ungratified. We had a similar instance of son taking revenge when his father is humiliated on the roadside. Both Dhanush and Daniel Balaji had made it so appealing. Though, we are not expecting the same here, it could have been better and well conveyed here. In fact, the situational plot of father-son-villain drama is so amateur and quite ridiculous indeed. From a filmmaker, who made a stunning debut with ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’, this is not something we expect in amateurish type. The complete first half is wasted with same dull drama of Jai and Andrea teenage romance and when you’re about to think that there is something special in latter part, yet again the same ‘Car’ trips irk you to core. By the time story actually starts, it’s almost the end of film with just 25 minutes left for final credits. The dialogues, screenplay and every situation we find in the film are so mediocre that it doesn’t keep us anywhere engaged. The final stunt sequence has been very well choreographed. Songs by D Imman are so much disappointing.
Never take ‘BOXING’ to the degrading level! This is a humble request to all filmmakers. It’s an art of concentration and meditation. If someone is trying to project their protagonist in such role, let there be a good scope to enhance this game with reality factors, not as a roadside kids fighting for exaggerated heroism.


Jai has tried his best working on 6 packs abs physique, but that doesn’t make him a showstopper here. He remains doubtful with his very own actions and we are left in a confused state of whether we have to laugh or be serious with his acts. We are not offending his performance, but we are in deep perplexed state unable to decide on this. Andrea Jeremiah looks too aged to be Jai’s pair and throughout the film, she flexes her skin for oomph factors. The hilarious character we find in ‘Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara’ is the only relief in the film who appears just for 5 minutes and the baddie Aaron has a fabulous physique, but doesn’t get to perform well. Azhagam Perumal does his best. Anupama tries to be a chirpy modernised mom carrying the shade of ‘Neethaane En Ponvasantham’ Bala Saravanan has to work a lot in changing his mannerism.

What works

1. Six pack avatar of Jai
2. Last 30 minutes of the film

What doesn’t work

1. Old formula story and stereotypical screenplay.
2. Songs
3. So many non-brilliant scenes that scatters your attention

The title and the six pack Jai together on poster along with the credit tag – From the maker of ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ might pull crowd to the theatre, but the substance is so flimsy and boring in many places.

Verdict : A strong title, weak film

Rating : 3/10

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