Enakkul Oruvan Movie Review

The last 10 minutes of this dream excites, rest....?

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Production : Thirukumaran Entertainment
Direction : Prasad Ramar
Starring : Siddharth, Deepa Sannidhi, Srushti Dange
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : Gopi Amarnath
Editing : Leo John Paul

The emergence of short filmmakers into showbiz had created a delighting impact in the town. In fact, many producers were elated to see this wonderful scenario. Low budget investment, star-cast that could be swapped among the league of these directors and what else, the same bunch of technicians. It is almost a package that earned them good profits and these auteurs won our best appraisals as well. Director Ram Prasad is the recent one to join the league making his maiden debut with ‘Enakkul Oruvan’, a remake of Kannada blockbuster movie ‘Lucia’. Siddarth, Deepa Sannidhi, Srushti and Aadukalam Narain in lead roles.

An underdog guy (Siddarth) with dark skin complexion and disfigured looks consumes a magical tablet ‘Lucia’ that commutes him to the dream world of his own design. The world of his dreams projects him as a successful rich actor

The basic problem of Enakkul Oruvan is an unorganised storytelling and bleak characterisations. We are not expecting chases and thrill moments. Yes, it’s ‘Drama’ genre and one cannot look up for roller-coaster aspects, but it doesn’t mean only action sequences and chases would keep us engaged, there are many things that can be improvised such as dialogues, scene set up, but everything looks feeble and flimsy. Siddarth playing dual roles as a cinema hall assistant and successful handsome actor desperately requires differences. But he behaves almost the same for both these characterisations. The theatre role needs to melt our hearts and almost our eyes had to be moistened, but instead, we remain unconnected to him. This turns out to be a major distraction and diverts our attention. Deepa Sannidhi does what is required for her role. She has nothing to be complimented about her looks, but her role is quite substantial. Aadukalam Narain is excellent with his performance in both the versions. Ajay Rathnam has importance with appearance. Director-actor Maheshwaran is good. Yog Japee is pathetic for being misused for the silent-goofy role.

Ram Prasad has made a decent attempt with his directorial skills, but somewhere down the line, the soul of this film that was so much prevalent in the original version.

The background score is just average when compared to the previous films of Santosh Narayanan. Couple of songs are quite enjoyable. Cinematography by Gopi is very well done.

What works?

The basic plot
supporting actors

What doesn’t work?

Sluggish screenplay
Main star-cast

Overall, Enakkul Oruvan could have been a better flick if it was crafted with a better screenplay and more elegant performance. With few traces of 2001-Tom Cruise film ‘Vanilla Sky’, the film resembles its plot in few places.

Verdict: The last 10 minutes of this dream excites, rest....?

Rating : 4/10

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