Anegan Movie Review

Exceptionally spellbinding thriller

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KV Anand has been the most awe-inspiring filmmaker with brilliant ideas and magnetising themes. It has been so much illustrious with his previous movies, especially in Maattraan that carved a new level of paradigms for Suriya and the astounding theme in the film spoke about a global concept. In ‘Anegan’, it’s the turn of Dhanush to achieve his best level with this new experimental genre of fantasy and romance. Kudoses to the entire team of writers and KV Anand for bringing forth an unimaginably stunning masterpiece and a best level of performance by actors make it more enhanced.

The film opens with Dhanush and Amyra Dastur seen as lovers in the Burma (1962). The fate has its way in separating them cruelly and suddenly everything shifts to the modern day, where we find them both working together in the country’s most leading video game developing firm. Problems arise when Amyra starts visualizing more into the world of imagination and everyone in her work place including Dhanush believes her to be mentally imbalanced and is hallucinating. Nevertheless, Dhanush and few characters are stormed in surprise when her imaginary characters have once lived in this world and mysteries get unraveled.

The complete film gives a fresh feeling of as though reading a beautiful edge-on-seat novel. It’s really difficult to make such movies and the writers really need a great token of appreciation for making it more convincing to the perception level of audiences. The story happens in four different time periods and every time Dhanush-Amyra fall in love, the conflict and justification of their culmination sounds more justifying. Especially, the portions of Kaali-Kalyani are at its best and this is specifically for the song ‘Danga Maari’ that makes everyone dance on their toes. Although, it’s a complicated storyline of four different portions, KV Anand has tried making it so much easy for the audiences to grasp and that’s because of commercial aspects. The unwanted jokes or witty lines and romance is not included, but it has been perfectly set well with the screenplay.

Danga Maari happens to be the one and only peppy number that take you to more excitements, but in spite of mediocreness other songs really don’t hamper the growth of screenplay. Cinematography by Om Prakash boasts of perfect shots.


It’s a mind blowing performance by Dhanush, Amyra Dastur and Karthik. These three characters appear throughout the film and their acting charisma is so fantastic. Especially, the final confrontation among these characterisations is very well shot. We must really appreciate Subha, the writers for offering the best lines for them. Dhanush as Murugappa and Kaali turns the theatres into the most celebratory mode and Amyra Dastur leaves us overwhelmed with excitements and invigorations watching her wonderful spell of performance. Karthik is so cool and genuinely utters the dialogues and even his minutest body language adds more highlighting flashes to the frames. Jagan does his part well. Although the roles of Ashish Vidyarthi and Mukesh Tiwari are short in duration, they are very well depicted. Especially the mystery with Mukesh having his hands placed inside pockets are nicely done… Thalaivasal Vijay is excellent.

What works?
1. A first of its kind story that Tamil cinema audiences had never experienced before.

2. Dhanush, Amyra and Karthik performance.

3. Daanga Maari choreography and picturing.

4. Cinematography, Locations

What doesn’t work
1. Lack of emotions in the contemporary love portions of Dhanush-Amyra

2. Logic missing and lack of impact in climax.

Overall, it’s a different experience for the film buffs and if you can spare some illogical quotients, Anegan is definitely a decorous and good film with intelligent writing and best performances.

Verdict: Exceptionally spellbinding thriller
Rating: 5.5/10

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