Isai Review

Different tale of surprise and twists

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Directed by : S. J. Surya
Production : SS Productions
Starring : S. J. Surya, Savithri, Sathyaraj
Music : S. J. Surya
Cinematography : Soundararajan
Editing : K. M. Riyas

A very long wait and the specific fan following base of SJ Suryah had pondered for their favourite icon to come back in his own style. Crafting a tale of difference, but not missing his authentic ingredients of romantically adult comedy that gets overshadowed by unpredictable course of screenplay of twists and turns, SJ Suryah’s Isai gets released today worldwide.


The film opens with the reigning music director Sathyaraj, who has turned outdated due to the emergence of his protégé SJ Suryah, who is now ruling the music industry. Sathyaraj comes up with some conniving plans to snatch back his lost status. Meanwhile SJ Suryah falls in love with a beautiful forest village belle Savithri on his experiment to record live nature sounds. They get married and start a happy life, but sooner mystery starts haunting the house and recording studio of Suryah and he literally turns into a maniac. What unfolds next is an unbelievable plot that ends with a note of surprise.


Picking up first is the performance of star-cast. SJ Suryah doesn’t get down to try something new, but manages to win applause of what he is capable of his own unique style. Yes, it looks like psychotic in places, but his dialogues eclipse such diminishing elements. Sathyaraj needs the first and foremost appreciation for his brilliant acting. He has redefined the role of antagonism with a flawless performance. You wouldn’t develop a wrath on him anywhere, but you start admiring him in spite of his villainous deeds. That’s a moment to recollect his ‘Thagudu Thagudu’ style in Kaaki Sattai and ‘Ammavaasa Kaalu Padudhula, Appram Thalli Ukkaaru’ in Aamaidhi Padai. Savithiri doesn’t display any traits of a newcomer, but encompasses a decorous performance. She keeps exposing her physique throughout the first and that’s an inevitable formulae of SJ Suryah, but her acting skills we see in second half is tremendous. Ganja Karuppu doesn’t get more to score, but tries to tickle funny bones with his counter dialogues to Sathyaraj with witticism. Thambi Ramaiah is wasted.

As a screenwriter and filmmaker, SJ Suryah wins back his audiences. The first half looks slightly sluggish with too many scenes repeated. If 15 minutes of this intimate scenes between SJ Suryah and Savithiri were trimmed in the first half and so for the confession drama in church, it would have been better. The second half turns into thriller zone with last 30 minutes of drama keeping us excited on what’s gonna happen next. A filmmaker is successful when he manages to shock and surprise his audiences. In this criteria, SJ Suryah has scored brownie points, especially when we get into guesses of how everything is gonna end, the climax comes as a fancy twist. With films like Pizza and Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam having the red carpets spread out, ‘Isai’ is worthy of being included in this league.

SJ Suryah has offered some freshness in background score and the song ‘Isai Veesi’ is a deliberate killer to our senses with its mellifluous tune and top-notch visuals.

What works?

Sathyaraj & Savithiri
Last 30 minutes with unexpected twists.
Background score

What doesn’t work

The adult intimacies could have been slightly avoided
Repeated scenes in first half
Movie Duration (3hrs 10mns)

‘Isai’ wins the best credit to SJ Suryah as filmmaker and screenwriter for his engaging storytelling method. Encompassed with brilliant performances of Sathyaraj, Savithiri and of course the usual act of SJ Suryah, the film can be watched for these elements with a big bang surprise in end.

Verdict: Different tale of surprise and twists

Rating: 4.5/10

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