Aambala Movie Review

Old-styled entertainer, but engaging in parts

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Production: Vishal Film Factory
Direction: Sundar C
Cast: Vishal, Hansika, Santhanam, Prabhu, Vaibhav, Ramya Krishnan, Iswarya, Kiran, Satish, Madhurima.
Music: Hip Hop Thamizha
Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath

New genres with unconventional ideas to compliment the genius minded cohort. But Sundar C strictly and ritually sticks to the mindless comedy entertainers of the late 80s and as he promised when Aambala went on floors, it diverts nowhere from this paradigm… That’s a mandatory template and in all Sundar C films and audience precisely know it. So this is no wonder and it comes with a stereotypical package from the director.


Vishal plays an ordinary youngster, who supplies man power to all social and political events. He falls in love with a beautiful girl (Hansika Motwani). Meanwhile, he gets into a mission along with his estranged brothers (Vaibhav and Ethir Neechal Satish) to unite the families of his father (Prabhu) and sisters (Ramya Krishnan, Kiran and Aishwarya), who have an unceasing hostility prevailing for years.


Coming with an usual template, Sundar C encompasses the film with comedy, glamour, action and sentiments at equal intervals. Five minutes right into the film, Sundar C hits straight to the point and it begins with Vishal and Hansika Motwani falling in love with each other. Blending with the comedy tracks by Santhanam that comes adjacently with the screenplay, the audiences are taken through relentless laughter-riot for 40 minutes. By the time intermission arrives, we are not aware that nearly a hour has passed by. Post-intermission, there is a slight lag in the plot as the rivalry between Ramya Krishnan and Pradeep Rawat turns slightly odd and the momentum drops there. Although, the film is spangled with huge star-cast, not every actor get their prominence share equally. Say for instance, Vaibhav doesn’t get the right scope and so are the other artistes as well. The last 20 minutes, especially the climax goes the same route of Sundar C.

Usually, cinematography, music and other technical qualities are not given its right boast in Sundar C films, but the wonder is that the songs by Hip Hop Aadhi are awesome and colorfully shot by Gopi.

What works?
1. Comedy, especially Santhanam
2. Entertaining screenplay
3. Engaging first half
4. star-cast

What doesn’t work?
1. Double entendres could have been avoided
2. Glamour is okay, but too many vulgar shots could have been avoided
3. Few minutes soon after intermission.

Aambala as mentioned is a mindless entertainer and when you walk out of theatres, there isn’t anything much to think about what you have seen, but feel a sigh of relief with entertainment.

Verdict: Old-styled entertainer, but engaging in parts

Rating: 4.5/10

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