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Vikram beats Shankar

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Direction: Shankar
Produced by: V. Ravichandran, D. Ramesh Babu
Starring: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Santhanam, Suresh Gopi
Music: A.R. Rahman
Cinematography: P. C. Sreeram
Editing: Anthony

Watching a Shankar film is like Robin Cook meeting Jeffry Archer or sometimes Sidney Sheldon preferably. Such was the eminence of the teamed writers, especially Late Writer Sujatha, with whom he had worked in almost all his films. The significance of these most celebrated authors would have its shade established in Shankar films. This time, it’s a tale of love, passion, betrayal and passion set in the backdrops of Fashion World.


Vikram plays an aspiring Mr. India and his life takes a turn when he comes across the most celebrated model (played by Amy Jackson). Things turn bizarre when Vikram becomes a disfigured man by mysterious means and sets out to unravel the mystery to settle the scores.


The story is time worn and there is no doubt about it. But we don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or their hard works. It is merely because of fallible writing that doesn’t impress the spectators anywhere. Usually, Shankar films draw audiences into the frame and we become the witnesses of what is happening. But unfortunately, ‘I’ lacks this punch and we remain just as audience. The dialogues are too ordinary and most of the romantic lines are hackneyed.

The first half is slow-paced and Shankar has pushed it merely with the ad-shoots and the actual story has a package of just 40 minutes. Although, the makeover of Vikram is highly appreciable for the painstaking efforts, other actors with their culmination looks don’t impress us vividly. The second half has some catchy moments with the climax neatly interwoven with justification. Moreover, there is no good reason why the lead actors should fall in love in this drama. Glimpse on the previous films of Shankar, there would be some strong and substantial reason for the love to blossom, but it goes completely missing here. There are lots of illogical elements as in why a A-league doctor, a big celebrity would visit a local gym.

How come when Vikram changes the makeover suddenly is seen toned with physique? You might not notice so many things while watching it, but some good writing and proper effort in screenplay would have made it more convincing. Musical score by Rahman is at its best and the BGM is brilliance. P.C. Sriram has used CG works in many frames and he offers a tremendous rich look.


If not for Vikram or if Vikram wasn’t a part of this project, then it would have really turned out to be a mediocre. He has written each and every frame with a much compelling performance. Perhaps, you might have a second thought, what Vikram has done other than the rich exotic makeover by Weta Studios. But it isn’t just the makeover, but his ability to gain and shed more weight. Amy Jackson makes us fall for her and she is really gorgeous. With the film’s backdrop of advertisement and her role as model, she fits it commendably. Pathetic to see that Ram Kumar, Sivaji Ganesan’s eldest son gets to play such an ordinary and ridiculed role and same goes to Upen Patel, who doesn’t have much to score as in his original Hindi films that includes Namastey London. Suresh Gopi is perfect to the role. Santhanam evokes laughter not to 100%, but to decent extent.

What works?

1. Vikram
2. Songs and Background score
3. Make-up, Cinematography, Art and every technical details
4. Second half

What doesn’t work?

1. Too timeworn story
2. Lengthy and dragging first half
3. Emotional depth missing in romance
4. Logics missing isn’t offence, but not in a Shankar’s film
5. Predictable screenplay

Verdict: Vikram beats Shankar

Rating: 5.5/10

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