“My father didn’t leave me castle, but goodwill” – AR Rahman

“My father didn’t leave me castle, but goodwill” – AR Rahman

News 6-Jan-2015 9:37 AM IST RM Comments

AR Rahman’s musical gift to the global panorama is a delight to everyone. He is someone who has proved that music has no language or region, but can traverse beyond boundaries. So polite, honest, disciplined and sublime, AR Rahman celebrates his birthday and it is indeed the most graceful occasion for many of his ardent followers.

We bring you an excerpt from his biographical book of AR Rahman – The Spirit of Music, where he converses with Nasreen Munni Kabir that was released before few years.

In one of such conversations, she asks him about how he missed his father and Rahman says, “I was nine. His death was an emotional blow for the whole family. His first film as music composer released on the day that he died. A Malayalam film called Chottanikkara Amma with Premi Nazir and Adoor Bhasi. It became famous for his music. My father didn’t leave me a castle or anything, but he did leave some musical instruments. And most importantly he left me the tremendous goodwill of musicians. Some of the musicians that he worked with are still playing with me.”

The one who honours his parents will become the ruler of destiny and AR Rahman has proved to be a perfect exemplified personality.

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