Missing shots: Did Aamir play cheap, tricky or clever game in PK?

Missing shots: Did Aamir play cheap, tricky or clever game in PK?

News 29-Dec-2014 12:35 PM IST RM Comments

Aamir Khan’s PK released on December 19 has been bound to unceasing praises and relentless criticisms as well. Well, it is a clash that has rose among the atheists and religious groups with accordance to the topic and issue related to this film. But least of us would have managed to note something that has been purposely deleted by the makers of this film.

There is a sequence in this film, where Aamir Khan holds a widow’s hand to transfer her language and is beaten up by the public. He later realises that women in white dress are widows and conveys his condolence to the Christian bride in white attires. When they chase him out that BLACK dress denotes mourning, he passes the condolence to three Muslim girls in black and realises the truth again. When he is chased by them, he gets into a running bus and sits beside a Buddhist monk. It is obvious that monks have an uniform of sacred colours as Red and Orange, but as Aamir Khan is seated, there is an immediate cut to the scene. The sequence although remains incomplete, it gives a clear view that the character PK would again question the Buddhist monk.

Nevertheless, it has been left out to avoid upheavals. Is it that Aamir Khan wanted to focus only on Hindu, Muslim and Christian groups involved in superstitious beliefs and leave out the other groups?

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