Kappal Movie Review

"Take a ride in ""Kappal"" to get your bones tickled in humor"

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Production: i Studios Entertainment
Direction: Karthick G Krish
Cast: Vaibhav, Sonam Bajwa, VTV Ganesh, Karunakaran
Music: Natrajan Sankaran
Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan
Editing: Antony

After the massive hit of Raja Rani, there is a separate expectation for the movies of Shankar's assistants. Even Shankar has released this movie under his own banner. Did Kappal really sail well at the theaters?


Vaibhav gets introduced with his 4 besties who are always together. In a point of time when they come to know that marriage would separate their friendship, they all decide not marry under any circumstance. Vaibhav who always seem to be attracted towards the gals tells a lie to his friends and comes to Chennai telling job as a reason and searches for girl to love. In Chennai he meets Sonam Bajwa and they fall in love. When his friends come to Chennai to see Vaibhav and gets to know he is love, the comedy, love to marriage episode begins.


When asking Shankar about this movie, he told that he was laughing from the beginning till the end and its really true. Scenes like Bad words fight and VTV Ganesh getting caught instead of Vaibhav are one of the biggest laughing scenes in the movie. The groom who gets caught with Vaibhav's friends and the sequence for that is really awesome.

Though there is no big story or message in the movie, the screenplay with full length comedy is really a wise idea from the director. First half plays perfect and second half can be little shortened as it feels to be a bit lengthy. Cinematography and editing are up to the need and Illaiyaraja has a special surprise for you in the second half.


Vaibhav's usual playboy character who always goes behind the gals and he has done that perfectly. Sonam Bajwa will impress every men before screen with her long legs and cute expressions. VTV Ganesh will be getting the major applause and all others are perfectly added for the need of script and they do their job well.

What works:

1. Comedy
2. Making in the song sequence
3. VTV Ganesh's character

What doesn't:

1. Lengthy 2nd half
2. Double meaning dialogues and actions may not be impressed by the family audience


With a little trimming and avoiding double meaning dialogues would have brought more family audience to the theaters. But it is still appreciable as we lack full length comedy flicks in recent times.

One Liner: Take a ride in "Kappal" to get your bones tickled in humor.

Rating: 5/10

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