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Mounting up an incredulously great anticipations upon the film, Shankar had kept us so much intact and very much adhered towards watching this new theatrical trailer. When a 40 second teaser could garner nearly a crore of views on YouTube, it left many awestruck to grab this 2-minute theatrical trailer.

To make it simple, I trailer is nothing but the extended version of 40 sec teaser and has the same shots with some additional duration. Chiyaan Vikram carries away the best praises for his remarkable attempt to breathe differently through this characterisation of hunchback. The visuals by P.C. Sreeram is colossal and we are reminded us strongly of his esthetic visuals in Alaipayudhey. So much of colours, especially the shots in China are poetically captured.

Next, stepping down to the flip side, there is less drama in this trailer and to see the same shots repeated from the trailer, it is slightly disappointing as fans wanted to have something new and different. There is no dialogues in this film and in spite of the film having many prominent actors like Ram Kumar, Suresh Gopi, Santhanam and many more, they're not shown.

The musical score by AR Rahman is just middling and not the best one we have seen from the previous trailers of Shankar of his movies. Moreover, it is not anywhere closer to the brilliant spell we heard in the Digital poster.

Verdict: Visually great, but less impact

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