Mysskin 1on1 with fans

Mysskin 1on1 with fans

Features 17-Dec-2014 11:48 AM IST Krishna Comments

Mysskin's directorial venture Pisasu, produced by Bala is all set to release this Friday the 19th of December. It was a time when the celebs interview was published in magazines and dailies and it got upgraded with television when celebs came on video interviews. This has been now taken level with the social media. Yes twitter plays a major role in this and yesterday director Mysskin came online in his movie's account to answer to the fans questions. The fans funny questions and the bold replies of Mysskin are listed below...

What does ur name mean sir ? Is this ur real name ?

Mysskin is actually a Persian come Arabic name it means a poor man. its not my real name

Shanmugaraja Sounds Good... Why Don't You Keep Your Original Name ?

Nothing is original in this world

I Admire You. Love You A Lot.The Moment You Chosen Cinema ?? Do You Remember That Moment ? What You Family Told?

I was separated from my family in my young age.. Was a failure in everything else.. Movies are my passion

tamilah ungaluku pudicha actor {current generationla}?


VIKRAM sir vachu padam yatopingala sir?

He is a fantabulous actor. I rate him one of the best actors. Let's see we may work together.

which movie do you consider as the benchmark in Tamil cinema thus far??


Your dream project ???

All my dreams are being converted into projects

sir how about doing a film with vijay in ur style of thriller that too a 90 min film sir what is your view?

highly imaginative question!

What genre would you make if given the call-sheet of Thalaivar and Ulaga Nayagan in the current day?

No idea to work wid them

what do u think about social media impact on movies?

Its a greater impact & they have a big responsibility to make the industry thrive. And I request them to be fair

Recently, you advocated copying from world movies. Do you support it even when it is done due to laziness & lack of imagination?

I sleep hardly 3 hrs a day, read min 6 hrs a day. Work 365 days. I want to die when I'm shooting, so I don't understand laziness

Mass heroes vechu epo sir padam panna poringa..for eg. Vijay, Ajith, Surya,..etc

I don't know let's see

I Expected Award for Onaaiyum Aatukuttiyum... Did You?

I don't want any awards in my life. I don't want to send my movies to any film festivals

sir when will u work with #Yuvan and what's ur view about that man #YSR

I don't know.. I don't divide Ilayaraja yuvan and karthik .. They're my family

Your favorite movie of VIJAY ?

Kadhaluku mariyadhai

Heard Mugamoodi was intially Scripted for a BIG star , Is it true ? If yes , Who ?

No it was scripted for a new comer

What stops "big heros" in the industry to do experimental flicks other than "lack of" commercial elements?

Bcoz they are not scientists

Japanese, Korean Inga irunthu CopyCat Pandratha Appo Nirutha Poringa?

(smiles) ungala madri ennoda work pannumbothu

one word about superstar and universal hero?

Rajinikanth Kamal Hasan

Why Our KamalHaasan With Your Project Dropped?

It is Gud tht it got dropped.

in an interview u said that Tamil Cinema ll reach heights within 5-6yrs. Faith in u or faith in Tamil directors?

faith in Tamil audience

Cinema krathu Petha Pillai mari atha yaarum Kora solla kudaathunu Sonneengale Myskin.Pillaya Ethukku Theatre la Rls Pandreenga?

Unga ariva nenachu enaku romba poramaya iruku

Anything Abt ilayaThalapathY Vijay?

Hard worker!

Copy than Adikuren nu Evaloo open na soluringale ithanale unga market podium nu bayam varalaya sir?

Nan ena heroine ah en market poguradhuku?

why no technicians name in your movie posters??

Movie posters is one of my movie frame. Including my name is an insult. Wudnt have it if the producer is oki.

Will u make a mass commercial gangster film with Thala Ajith in young look??

smiles.. I want to work with Ajith but not a commercial one.. In a sensible one

sir y u not say anything abt ur family life? reveal something abt ur family life

I was married. Got separated for the past 10yrs. Once in a while my daughter comes am to meet me and I'm making movies.

Which film of Ajith sir is your favorite?

he's a great actor.. Want him to do great roles

Do u think directors have almost killed the performer inside Rajini ?

watch Rajini-Balachander movies.. What a great actor he is..

who is the most sensible reviewer according to you ? Anyone capable for that list ?

I have read some of great reviews of Pauline kael

sir do u have any ideas of making ponniyin selvan or other historical movies? i am waiting for that

not ponniyin selvan... I have few ideas

Your villains are always peculiar, what is the reason behind it?

villains have to be peculiar and heroes are stereotypes

Ur Favorite Novels And Favorite Genre?

anything of Tolstoy n Dostoyevsky..

Say one thing, that no one knows about you....!

Let tht be in dark

Many say that u have invented Cinema... is it true?


Your acting was too good in onaayum aatukutiyum,do u like to reduce ur weight and act in such powerful characters?

If my character requires this fattiness I wud remain this way.

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