Kayal Trailer Review

Kayal Trailer Review

Features 9-Dec-2014 1:15 PM IST RM Comments

Hill tops, green mountains kissed with dews, mellifluous tunes, unintended humour and inevitable tragedy. Mynaa and Kumki didn’t miss out it course on these lanes and the theatrical trailer of Prabhu Solomon’s upcoming film Kayal is an ample evidence to it. Tsunami becomes the backdrop and we see the interface of two innocent lovers with refrained from materialistic and physical world.

Kayal has an unparalleled significance of being Tamil cinema’s longest trailer of 2014 with a running duration of 3 minutes 15 seconds. Prabhu’s intentions distinctly specify that Kayal is a musical love story that narrates you almost the complete tale in three minutes. We have two youngsters not confined to the daily rules and enjoy their lives until Chandran meets Anandhi. Then we find many characters into the drama and finally Tsunami (well executed water stimulation effects). But what remains to be a question is whether it has a tragic end?

Although music and visuals dominate the trailer than the dialogues, few lines give some relief that includes the first one between two pals on the rock cliff of waterfalls.

Perhaps, there would be an assumption whether is it a theatrical trailer or musical one for it is dominated by lots of songs.

No wonder, having said this as a musical love story, Kayal trailer offers a lot of gripping visuals.

Verdict: Technically brilliant, but less drama

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