'I' and 'Yennai Arindhaal' creates history

'I' and 'Yennai Arindhaal' creates history

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Competition prevails everywhere in the world. From manufacturing bell pins to beat the world record in races, everywhere competition plays a major role. When it comes to film industry the competition was always with the number of days the movie ran in theaters was the biggest achievement, but in recent times the trend has changed. Number of theaters the movie is being released worldwide, the collection it earns and some clubs have been started as 100 crore club and recently bollywood has also started a 300 crore club and some movies has already paved its way into it.

With these on one hand, Youtube plays a major role in the promotions of the movie, were the movie's first look teaser, trailer, motion poster are been released. The biggest achievement in Youtube is the views for the particular trailer or teaser. Bollywood has always been on the top of it always with higher number of views than any other language movies.

Tamil cinema has not been far behind with these and now we have started to give a tough competition to the Bollywood contenters with higher number of views. Recently Shankar's 'I' teaser was released and has crossed more than 8 million views and this the record in Tamil cinema with highest number of views in Youtube for a movie in south Indian Lanaguage.

With this in one hand, the likes for the teaser and trailer in Youtube is also being compared for the competition like views. Yennai Arindhaal teaser was released before 2 days and got more than 2 million views and the likes for the teaser is what has created history. The likes of teaser in Youtube has crossed 54,000 which is the highest for a Tamil movie. Though there are many Bollywood movies with higher likes, Yennai Arindhaal has paved the way for future records.

Social Networks will not be a let out in this comparison, because it plays a major role in making the audience watch the teasers and trailers. Twitter trends has also become a way to compete and many fans fight with posting many tweets to keep the trend on top. A twitter trend #YennaiArindhaalTeaserStormOnDec4 has been on top in India for the 4th day continuously and Ajith fans are making it happen to make it a record. Akshay Kumar's movie #Baby is top in trends for the past 3 weeks.

Facts on Yennai Arindhaal teaser

1. Stays on top in India trends in twitter for the 4th day (#YennaiArindhaalTeaserStormOnDec4)
2. 4lakh plus tweets with a single hashtag.
3. 50k likes in 2days is the record in Indian movies.
4. Highest likes for a teaser in south Indian cinema
5. 2 million views in 56 hours is the fastest after 'I' which got 2 million in 35 hours.
(Yennai Arindhaal may get to the 3rd place in Youtube likes for Indian movie in about 3 days or so)

Facts on I teaser

1. Highest views in Youtube for a south Indian Movie.
2. First south Indian movie to cross 5 million views.
3. Among the Indian movie's trailers and teasers, I is the only Tamil film to get a place in Top 10.

*The picture below states some facts and datas about movies with highest views and likes. If you get to know any other Indian movie with higher data please let us know and we shall change it only if the info is true and official.


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