Naaigal Jaakirathai Movie Review

A Doggy style Dog Show

Reviews 22-Nov-2014 4:43 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Production: Nathambal Film Factory
Direction: Sakthi Soundar Rajan
Cast: Sibiraj, Arundati, Idoh (dog)
Music: Dharankumar
Cinematography: Nizar Shafi
Editing: Praveen KL

Many films in Kollywood has came out with Animals in the lead role or playing an important character. This is been common from the days of MGR till now. Naaigal Jaakirathai is also movie which has come out with Shepard dog in the lead, along side Sibiraj. How is the Barking? - is the question here..


Sibi is a cop in coimbatore who starts his scene with fight against a gang who kidnaps public. When fighting against them, Sibi is being shot in leg, after a cop and some gangsters get killed. On the medical leave of Sibi, Subramani - the dog is being left with him to taken care of by the neighbor. Unfortunately the neighbor dies and Subramani becomes the property of Sibi. Without knowing that Subramani is a trained military dog, Sibi looses is mind out trying to control it. But in a situation he comes to know that the dog is well trained and it should be treated as friend. When starting to get real close with Subramani, Sibi's wife Arundhati gets kidnapped by the same gangsters. After that what happens is the rest of the story in an usual Tamil cinema style.


Love towards animals has been brought back after a long time in Tamil cinema by the Director. Sibiraj who is eagerly waiting for a break through has come with a dog in hand for his success. When coming to story and Screenplay, director has not tried any new things in the screenplay. Logic mistakes make the public ask more question in the screenplay. If the detailing of the characters and little more groundwork on the screenplay would have been great plus point for the movie.


Sibi's acting was more appreciated in the movie Nanayam than his earlier movies and this movie stays a step below Nanayam. The second hero of the movie, Idoh (dog) has played a major role in the movie but we expect a little more when there a lot of scope. Heroine Arundhati's role is very simple and she has played it perfectly. Suttakathai Balaji has shown as a serious villian and when we see him on screen, we will get serious laughter.

What works

1. Idoh (Dog)
2. BGM
3. Cinematography
4. Duration of the movie.

What doesn't work

1. Lot of logic mistakes
2. Screenplay which has minimal attachment
3. Villian's characterization

Overall: If we take the dog and dog's scenes out the movie, the movie is tried and test subject in Kollywood. Attachment towards is dog is main thing here and its missing a bit.

Verdict: A Doggy style Dog Show

Rating: 4/10

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