Vishal responds to Sarath Kumar’s speech

Vishal responds to Sarath Kumar’s speech

News 20-Nov-2014 9:52 AM IST RM Comments

In the recent times, there are lots of sensational issues happening at Nadigar Sangam, especially among President Sarathkumar, Vice President K.N. Kaalai and Radharavi with Vishal. Yesterday during a meeting in Trichy, Sarathkumar mentioned that if Vishal continues to speak ill on Nadigar Sangam, they wouldn’t mind dismissing him. Reacting to this news,

Vishal has mentioned in his statement, “I am completely shocked to hear such words from Nadigar Sangam President, Mr. Sarath Kumar, which is obscure and fake. As an actor, I respect each and every member of Nadigar Sangam and am ready to accept their decision of being expelled from the association, if they insist. But I would kindly request Mr. Sarath Kumar to furnish the exact proof regarding my speech against association.

It really hurt my sentiments as an actor, when Mr. Radharavi and vice president Mr. K.N. Kaalai, addressed actors with unpleasant words, especially the latter using unparliamentary term as ‘DOGS’. As per Rule No. 13 act, any association members hurting the sentiments of actors are strictly punishable. In fact, veteran actor Kumarimuthu was alleged of such acts and was moved out. If this is the case, then Mr. K.N. Kaalai and Mr. Radharavi deserve the same stern actions for their pain inflicting words.

My only concern is that justice applies the same for all irrespective of their positions and with accordance to this, both Mr. K.N. Kaalai and Mr. Radharavi have to be immediately expelled from Nadigar Sangam

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