Lingaa trailer review

Lingaa trailer review

Features 17-Nov-2014 10:39 AM IST RM Comments

What stands out to be the major highlight in the theatrical trailer of Lingaa apart from Superstar Rajnikanth is the brilliant cinematography of Rathinavelu. It is so much illustrious with the first shot of this trailer as the camera introduces many people with Rajnikanth’s profile. It is obvious that Randy has used different tones for the period and present age sequences to showcase different feel with visuals.

The shots where we see Rajnikanth’s hands drenched in rain running through the dam he had constructed distinctly gives a view that it has lots of emotions. Abruptly, we are shifted to the present times with Rajnikanth sporting cool macho looks and few glimpses on Anushka and Sonakshi Sinha. Santhanam and Karunakaran don’t have much punch of hilarious lines though.

There are no punch dialogues from Rajnikanth himself, but few lines like Let Begin and See you soon are more than enough to keep us enchanted. But one thing is clear that Lingaa is an emotional entertainer that will raise the Rajnikanth as the most celebrated inspiring leader onscreen. Kudos to the editors for giving perfect cut and clear view of perception among the audiences and not to forget the score of AR Rahman.

Verdict: Sizzling, emotional and perfect cut

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