“Entertaining fans is my greatest duty” – Superstar Rajnikanth

“Entertaining fans is my greatest duty” – Superstar Rajnikanth

News 17-Nov-2014 10:38 AM IST RM Comments

Things turned to be more tremendous and celebratory at Sathyam Cinemas with the entire bunch of fans thronging up for the sake of their Thalaivar Rajnikanth. Apparently, the special invitees who spoke on the occasion of music release said that Rajnikanth has to enter politics and they’re ready to follow his footprints. It was so much of exhilaration among the spectators as they were bound to irresistible claps and whistles hearing such talks.

But when Rajnikanth came upon the dais to speak, he said, “Politics is an ocean and it shouldn’t happen by pressure of force. It will happen as it situations decide. I would be declared insane if at all again, I utter “God has to tell me”, but this is the fact. I have to do something for my fans for the love they have been showering on me. But that doesn’t mean politics is the only means, I assure I will work on many movies that will entertain family audiences.”

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