Thirudan Police Movie Review

Laugh or cry? Just sit back and relax

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Directed by : Caarthick Raju
Produced by : S. P. B. Charan, J.Selvakumar
Starring : Attakathi Dinesh, Iyshwarya Rajesh, Bala Saravanan
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : Siddharth
Editing : Praveen K. L, N. B. Srikanth

Father-son relationship always wins special regards from the audiences, irrespective genres and languages. A least of such factors would easily garner our attention and was so much evident with Shahrukh Khan’s recent release Happy New Year that carried such ampleness. Let us not go for such huge comparisons than these attributes. Thirudan Police belongs to a similar category, where there is sentimental course bundled with humour.


Attakathi Dinesh has always been a perverse to his father Rajesh, an honest head constable. When a corrupt assistant commissioner and his son Nitin Sathya are threatened by his honesty, the former hatches evil plans with the aid of criminals – Naan Kadavul Rajendran and John Vijay and succeed. Although not broken completely by the demise, Dinesh takes up the constable job, but sooner feels the wrath of assistant commissioner and decides to give it up. But it’s actually when he feels the sacrifices made by his father and decides to seek revenge on the baddies who killed him.


The film holds a serious theme and even during the final credits we see the tribute to all fathers. But the hilarious treatment in the screenplay is slightly confusing. However, it entertains audiences in many parts, which would let you forget the contradictions. The first half is good with some gripping moments, but as the story proceeds to the second half, there are some drops in momentum.


Attakathi Dinesh gets settled with the same panache and is entertaining with certain gestures in many places. Much more than comedy, he spells his best course on emotional grounds, especially during the pre-intermission sequence. Iyshwarya appears for name sake in modern outfits and has nothing to perform in specification. Rajesh scores the best with his few portions. John Vijay and Naan Kadavul Rajendran are unusually funny baddies, who easily gain your forgiveness. Ippadiyoru Pulla unakku irukkaanu therinjirundha unna kolaye pannirukka maattenae (If we had known you’ve such a son, I would have never killed you) raises the applause with laughter and Poi Mela Parakura Vaaththa Sudu (Go shoot the ducks flying on sky) to the assistant commissioner during climax is really funny. Bala as the sidekick does his portions well with good humour. Renuka doesn’t have many scenes to appear, but makes an impressive show during pre-intermission scene. Aadukalam Narain showcases his hidden ‘Sivaji Ganesan’ act in many places.

What works

The first half with engaging moments
The comedy sequences involving Bala Saravanan, Naan Kadavul Rajendran and John Vijay
Background score

What doesn’t work

Second half loaded with some illogical elements
The characterisation of heroine
Songs don’t appeal except Deivam

The film gives an impression of time-pass show and it can be watched sans any expectations to relax your time.

Verdict : Laugh or cry? Just sit back and relax

Rating : 3.5/10

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