Poojai Movie Review

Gripping, fast and well packaged entertainer

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Action blocks, the bricks crumble, dusts spark off, cars vrooming and sickles, guns and spades. They are the major characterisations alongside the actors we find in the films of Hari. Poojai is a marking comeback of Vishal as mass hero that he kept aside for a year as he tried his hands on experiment in different genres like Pandiya Naadu and Naan Sigappu Manithan. ‘Poojai’ is a mindless entertainer that brings up an unceasing series of action sequences, chases with a heavy dosage of sentiments as well.


Vasu (Vishal) runs his business of lending money as a financier in the busy markets. Anna Thandavam (Mukesh Tiwari) is a contract killer and when he tries to bump off a sincere ADSP (Sathyaraj), Vasu gets into the picture and turns a beast to thrash them. On a turn of event, there is a rich family that has a confrontation with Anna Thandavam. What actually relates them with Vasu forms crux of the story...


Poojai is your choice of film if you’re planning to just spend next 2hrs 40 minutes in theatres without proving you’re a genius. It’s an entertainment film barring some loud noisy toned characters and the double entendre lines. First few minutes of the film looks little unwanted with a hero entering into the screens with a fight followed by item song (Andrea, a bad choice indeed) and there’s quite a perfect establishment of each and every characterisations. As the story reaches intermission, where the actual confrontation between hero and baddie happens, there’s a cool predications of what’s gonna happen next. Of course, a series of cat and mouse game with some revenge quenched with murders. But the screenplay and inclusion of substantial characterisations make it convincing.


Vishal fits perfect for the role. His body language, voice modulation and mannerisms prove to be apt for this role. Shruthi Haasan tries out something different on glam and homely dimensions. Thanks to Hari for nurturing her role with some relevance to the script. Sathyaraj remains dumb during first half and gains some prominence during the second hour, especially during last 30 minutes. Radhika Sarathkumar steals the show. Jayaprakash is okay and doesn’t get something more than his previous films, Thalaivasal Vijay appears for namesake and so are Sitara and Kausalya. But their screen presence and values offer family values. Mukesh Tiwari proves to be a good baddie (Hope you didn’t watch his collaboration with Rohit Shetty as they were completely fun-filled ones). But he comes up surprising us with a different avatar.

What works?

1. Screenplay!! Cinematography and Editing enhancing it
2. Background score elevating the action-packed sequences
3. Sentiments that capture female centric audiences

What doesn’t work?

1. Comedy by Soori, Black Pandi and Imman Annachi is okay. But certain double entendre concepts spoil the tag called ‘Family Entertainer’.
2. Lots and loads of action.
3. Songs and their placement that become speed breakers

On the whole, Poojai is a complete entertainer and can be watched for a good time without minding logics and other stuffs on rational aspect.

Verdict: Gripping, fast and well packaged entertainer

Rating: 4.5/10

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