Kaththi review

The Knife loses its grip halfwa

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Prooducer: Lyca Productions
Direction: AR Murugadoss
Cast: Vijay, Samantha, Neil Nitin Mukesh
Music: Anirudh
Cinematography: George C Williams
Editing: Sreekar Prasad

Fascinations for Vijay as entertainer as turned him the King of box office across the years. With his collaboration with AR Murugadoss in ‘Thuppakki’ almost claimed as 100-Cr club, the expectations peaked up tremendously with ‘Kaththi’ and adding more excitement was Murugadoss confidently affirming ‘Kaththi will be 10 times the power of Thuppakki’. With so much of anticipations and controversial scenario prior to the release, the film has finally made its way across the screens worldwide. Samantha has played the female lead role and Hindi actor Neil Nitin Mukesh has donned the baddie.


An escaped inmate named Kathiresan (Vijay) from Kolkotta prison reaches Chennai and is on the plans of leaving this country. On an unexpected turn, he comes across Jeevanandham (again played by Vijay) shot almost to death by some strangers. On admitting him in hospital, Kathiresan changes his identity and plans for an escape letting him get trapped by the Kolkotta cops. But he never knows that changing identity would not alone cause a change in his life, but many lives as well.


Vijay is often ennobled as the entertainer and the fans expect a lot of magical gimmicks as a hero of flashing the best dance movements, playing funny things on his girlfriend, outpouring emotions of mother-sister sentiment, smack the baddies out on air, hilarious quotients and lots more. The films that carried Vijay in such dimensions have already been decent hits, but when he turns preachy, his fans are bound to little disappointments. Over here in Kaththi, he flashes the most ‘saviour’ kind of image. He keeps fighting for the innocent farmers and yes, the concept works out to a certain extent. But again the narrative style of AR Murugadoss turns out to be a little disappointment. Neil Nitin Mukesh just leaves us astonished with his screen presence and he equally wins the applause as Vijay throughout the film, even till the climax.


While Vijay as Kathiresan has lots to explore in dance, fun, romance and action sequences, the real hero of this subject – Jeevanandham who actually has been carrying out this mission disappears and comes back only during the climax that too with an underplayed prominence. Dialogues by AR Murugadoss involving communism and the pathos of farmers followed by final outburst by Vijay are extraordinary.

The first half rarely has some catchy scenes and the actual story begins nearly after 40 minutes, when the visuals about Jeevanandham are screened to Kathiresan ... Samantha is yet another replication of ‘Bommarillu’ Genelia, where the heroines don’t have finest reasons to fall in love, but only for dream songs. She rarely has 10 lines of dialogues to represent her skills that she had explored in ‘Naan Ee’. Satish of Ethir Neechal fame doesn’t have much to tickle your funny bones. Someone as Soori could have done more justice to the role as Vijay’s sidekick. The musical score by Anirudh is good, but the placement looks little odd.

What works:
1. Vijay’s characterisation as Kathiresan aka Kaththi is good.
2. Neil Nitin Mukesh
3. Vijay’s dance and action
4. Few dialogues, songs

What doesn’t work:
1. The screenplay is not engrossing
2. The characterisations of Jeevanandham is flimsy
3. Comedy by Satish
4. Logic goes missing and justification to script fails
5. Samantha

‘Kaththi’ cannot be exactly regarded as an entertainer nor an offbeat message oriented flick. AR Murugadoss has failed to maintain the status that was created in ‘Thuppakki’ and gets confused with the narration. Only few scenes are really compelling and Jeevanandham being a communist is always seen as a helpless polite boy and lacks the heroism.

Verdict: The Knife loses its grip halfway

Rating: 4.5/10

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