"I suffered a lot during my young age" - Ileana

"I suffered a lot during my young age" - Ileana

News 18-Oct-2014 8:48 AM IST RM Comments

Actress Ileana who rose to fame with Kedi and Nanban revealed in an interview that she has actually suffered a lot during her young age.

The actress said, "right now, I might look all rich to people outside, but surely they do not know about the sufferings I endured during by 20s. My father's salary was not sufficient enough to afford a own house in Mumbai and we lived only in rented a house. Soon my mother took us to Goa and during our short life there, my sister brought a small unfinished house so that we can avoid rent. To cut the cost of labour in finishing the house, me, my mother and sister worked all by ourselves to complete the house. We had to sleep in cement floor".

The actress made it clear that only after suffering a lot did she reach such a status in her career.

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