Poojai trailer review

Poojai trailer review

Features 4-Oct-2014 11:49 AM IST RM Comments

Vishal’s Poojai had created the right kind of buzz exhibiting the touch of Hari in every frame and now the full length trailer has been unveiled. With a running length of 2 minutes 15 seconds, the complete trailer has some of the scenes from teaser itself. Compared to previous films of Hari, this one doesn’t engage audiences with complete entertainment as director seems to have given importance only to action and raciness. Since the shots are too fast with rapid cuts, the audiences have nothing to grasp about other than action and punch dialogues. There is a duet folk song between Vishal and Shruthi Haasan that comes around for few seconds along with Vishal’s title song ‘Soda Bottle’ with Andrea. But the glamorous appeal of these missies isn’t so much gorgeous and the humour quotients are completely missing in spite of Poojai having some comedians at their finesse status.

Overall, it’s obvious that Hari has gone out of the box trying to keep the audiences engaged with fast cut and camera movements, but the raciness in drama is missing here.

Verdict: Unclearness and only action blocks are projected in depth.

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