New bonding two gorgeous ladies in K-town

New bonding two gorgeous ladies in K-town

News 1-Oct-2014 10:17 AM IST RM Comments

Yes, Sanchita Shetty has indeed made it big in the Kodambakkam, however, she is one of the few actresses who is hardly seen hanging out with her peers. Well, this did not prolong for a long time when she came across Lakshmi Menon. The two who met in an award function recently has went on to display affinity towards each other in their social networking pages.

Ask her about this new friendship, Sanchita says that even though she knew Lakshmi, they just didn't interact well earlier. She went on to added that, she though one actress cannot get along with another and therefore she choose to keep it to herself while attending award functions. However, when Lakshmi was introduced to her, she immediately sensed the positive vibes. Sanchita goes on to say that the two had shared a lot in the past few days and she will call Lakshmi her best friend now. In fact that Soodhu Kavvum actress revealed that Lakshmi Menon is her first friend in the industry.

In the meantime, Sanchita Shetty is commencing her Kannada projects. The actress will also announce her next Tamil project soon.

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