“My friend’s son didn’t want to watch Madras initially” – Karthi

“My friend’s son didn’t want to watch Madras initially” – Karthi

News 29-Sep-2014 2:08 PM IST RM Comments

It is so nice for an actor to accept the reality and are outspoken. Actor Karthi has proved of such epitome and had openly commented that journalists and press personnel have been guiding them with their corrections when he had made mistakes and now have congratulated him for making a good film. “I remember, one of my friend’s sons had said that he didn’t want to watch my film saying, “Karthi movies are not good and so I won’t come. Let me wait for the reviews on twitter and websites.” He had waited patiently and then after seeing the good reviews, he told, “Ok! Let me give a try.” But now when he says, “Karthi Anna you have done a good job.” I can understand the greatness that media channels have done by extending their earnest support.”

Adding more about his next film ‘Komban’ during this occasion of ‘Madras’ success meet, he said, “I am sure Komban will be a good entertainer for family audiences and it will give you all a good experience of watching it.”

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