Aranmanai movie review

Scares you less, make you laugh more

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Directed by: Sundar C.
Produced by: D. Dinesh Karthik
Starring: Hansika, Vinay Rai, Andrea Jeremiah, Lakshmi Rai, Sundar C
Music: Bharathwaj
Cinematography: U. K. Senthil Kumar
Edited by: N. B. Srikanth

Paranormal activities start happening in a palace bungalow and the entire family is discombobulated over it. The arrival of a person unravels the mystery buried inside it. The film is directed by Sundar C and is produced by D. Dinesh Karthik with an ensemble star-cast of Sundar C, Vinay, Andrea Jeremiah, Hansika Motwani, Raai Laxmi, Santhanam, Kovai Sarala, Manobala, Nitin Sathya and many others.


Few years after Vinay left the mammoth palace like house; he is back with his wife (Andrea Jeremiah) and is accompanied by huge family members and well wishers to sell it. Then there is a funny person (Santhanam) along with his bunch of funny pals planning to claim a stake of property as his grandmother happens to be a concubine of Zamindar, who owned this huge property. As the days pass, paranormal activities started haunting the family members. As Sundar C, a lawyer and elder brother of Andrea Jeremiah arrives to meet them, he starts unravelling the mystery behind such phenomenal bizarre only to get exposed to a shocking past.


Sundar C brand is always tagged to mindless entertainer that keeps us engaged throughout its course. He doesn’t miss to bring in a huge star-cast to add the family celebrations effect and yes, Aranmanai is ample evidence. The presence of so many actors make the film more enjoyable even during the scenes that seem to be little dull. The first half has some enjoyable elements and major credit goes to Santhanam’s witty lines and some funny characters like pudden-head Manobala and Kovai Sarala. The twist of surprise that comes before intermission, where the possessed person in Aranmanai gets revealed is a special surprise. One of the most spotlighting aspects of this film is that you don’t get bored anywhere to a greater extreme. But technically, there is a dearth of perfection and this film being a horror-comedy, Sundar C has exerted his more energy into humour and fails to intensify the eerie ambience. In spite of raising such a grand set of palace, the cinematography and special effects lack substantiality and doesn’t scare you anywhere. There are many replicas that Sundar C has made a raw copy that includes Sherlock Holmes fight sequence, The Conjuring, where a character sleepwalks, fixing candid cameras to sense the phenomenal


Kudos to Hansika Motwani for an unexpected changeover in her characterisation as she doesn’t appear for a very long time, but wins the best appraisals... Her makeover, dialogue delivery and costumes are neatly done. Andrea Jeremiah becomes the most glamorous devil, maybe she can contest for the best vampire and would easily put down many Hollywood artists lose to her. Raai Laxmi does her best spell in glamour. Santhanam lets you laugh and laugh and it’s been a long time we saw him in his original form. Sundar C appears few minutes before intermission and his role is quite convincing as a main protagonist. Vinay as an innocent chap emotes well in all situations. Kovai Sarala might not get to score as big as in ‘Muni’ franchise, but tickles our funny bones. The comedy sequence placed during the penultimate of climax is a laughter-riot.

What works?

1. Screenplay with entertainment package
2. Ensemble star-cast gives a great impression of family entertainer
3. Hansika Motwani, Andrea Jeremiah and Santhanam

What doesn’t work

1. Too many predictable scenes
2. Many scenes are lifted from Hollywood horror flicks
3. Horror elements are scarcely found and they don’t scare you
4. Songs, cinematography, CG and editing

As on whole, ‘Aranmanai’ is a passable entertainer laced with entertainment factors and they’ll surely be a favourite treat for sub-urban and rural audiences.

Verdict: Scares you less, make you laugh more

Rating : 5/10

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