Retta Vaalu Movie Review

Bad boy’s true love

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Production: Pranav Productions
Direction: Thesiga
Actors: Akil, Saranya Nag, Thambi Ramaiah, Kovai Sarala
Music: Selva Ganesh
Cinematography: Chitti Babu
Editing: Suresh Urs

Akil made a decent debut with the film ‘Kalloori’ followed by a horror movie ‘Maaasni’ and is now playing the lead in Retta Vaalu helmed by Thesiga. Initially, the film was titled as ‘Vaalu’ and was later renamed as ‘Retta Vaalu’.


Being a freewheeling wayward, Akil is sent by his father and brother to juvenile school to gain good conduct. But even after many years as he returns, he is still the same and is involved in the conniving acts of theft. As the police start hunting down for him, he runs into another village for shelter. Over there, he falls in love with Saranya, daughter of village feudal head Thambi Ramaiah. When this is revealed to everyone, Thambi Ramaiah who is supposed to tell the judgement for all villagers is under the situation to give the right one for his very own daughter as well.


Children are spoiled because of many reasons and one among them is parents’ nature as well. This has been very well depicted by debutant director Thesiga. He has narrated such a theme with the blend of sentiments, family emotions and love. The first half proceeds slowly, but takes a sudden rise in engrossing as the real face of Akil is revealed to Thambir Ramiah and Saranya. The decision of well reformed Akil on his sweetheart Saranya departing away from him is quite shocking.


Akil has etched a carve in the role of a youngster craving for love and affection. The scenes where he strives to prove his true love for Saranya is nicely depicted. The actor in father’s role of Akil has done a decent job. Thambi Ramaiah has breathed complete life into the role of village head. Saranya Nag has done her best of her part. Sona as the head of sex workers is okay. But in spite of having such good commendable star-cast that includes Kovai Sarala, Pasanga Sivakumar, Senthil and many others, the film doesn’t keep us engaged.

What works

1. Good message conveyed in the film
2. Racy second half
3. Musical score by Selva Ganesh

What doesn’t work

1. First hour is slow and not engaging
2. Logic missing in many places
3. Comedy scenes that don’t make you laugh
4. Cinematography is little amateur

On the whole, laced with love, sentiments and family emotions, Retta Vaalu would be declared as an exceptional love story, if the audiences accept the climax of this film, which is quite unconventional.

Verdict: Bad boy’s true love

Rating : 3/10

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