Jeeva trailer review

Jeeva trailer review

Features 11-Sep-2014 9:44 AM IST RM Comments

Suseenthiran happens to be the only filmmaker who carves an excellent niche with films irrespective of budget and other factors. He can deliver a film with best technical quotients and outstanding narrative proficiency, which predominantly overshadows the presence of actors as it’s just their characterisations that speak a lot. Now Vishnu Vishal seems to have achieved a good status with his upcoming film ‘Jeeva’ directed by Suseenthiran. The film holds big brand producers like Arya, Vishal, Suseenthiran and Vijay TV Mahendran (The Next Big Pictures).

The theatrical trailer has been unveiled before few minutes and to say this in simple words, it is technically colossal and the dialogues are perfect. The last line we hear as Vishnu walks in disappointment that goes like Cricketers in other countries lose after playing, but only in India certain players lose without getting the opportunity.

As Suseenthiran says, Jeeva is going to be a special film and not just the erstwhile street cricket films we had seen earlier in Tamil cinema. The depth of emotions and impact is so much evident with the trailer that has a mix of a youngster on run for achieving his goal, his friend and beautiful love. What makes the trailer more scintillating is the musical score of D Imman that is beyond his usual paradigms.

Verdict: The trailer gives an impression of watching full-length flick.

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