Poriyaalan Review

Weak construction!

Reviews 6-Sep-2014 7:31 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Production : Ace Mass Medias, Grass Root film company
Direction : Thanukumar
Cast : Harish Kalyan, Anandhi, Mohanram
Cinematography : Velraj
Music : MS Jones
Editing : GB Venkatesh

After the super hit movie "Vellai illa pattathari", Poriyaalan comes with the same plot covering the life of a civil engineer.

Movie starts with Harish working in private concern as site engineer always dreams about starting his own company. One of his close friend who is also Anandhi's brother works with a person who lends money for interest. When Harish quits his job and tries to start his own company, his friend helps him with cash without his boss's knowledge. Harish and his friends purchases a land from a broker and then comes to know that the land is already registered in some other name. In the meanwhile his friend also gets caught for money laundering and there starts the actual chase. Will Harish settle the money? Will Harish get the money back from the person who cheated him? Director has tried to convey this in a pacy manner.

Basically the plot travels with Real estate frauds and Interest money lenders who violate common people. The question will definitely raise in everyone's mind as why the movie is titled Poriyaalan. Love interest Anandhi plays a heroine character who comes for few love scenes and some songs. Though movie runs only for 2 hours, it gives us the feeling of sitting for a long time as the screenplay is slow in many places.
Its a shock to everyone that cinematography is handled by Velraj. Music and other technical aspects of the movie are average and could have been better.

Started his career in Sindhu Samaveli, Harish looks a bit matured in this movie after that. Though he is the main lead, his character could have been framed better. Anandhi does the normal heroine's part which did not have any scope. MohanRam acts well in his role but the character is too amateur for him. Other actors does their part as given.

What works:
1. Story Plot (Real estate frauds and Money lenders)
2. Movie running time.

What doesn't work:
1. Screenplay
2. Technical aspects.

In general, Poriyaalan is a catchy title and have failed to catch many things in this movie.

Verdict : Weak construction.

Rating : 2.5/10

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