Amara Kaaviyam - Review

Poignant love story!

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Production - The show people
Director - Jeeva Shankar
Cast - Sathya, Mia, Ananth Nag, Thambi Ramaiyah
Music - Gibran
Cinematography - Jeeva Shankar
Editing - Surya

It’s been a long time we had come across a poignant love story and Amara Kaaviya shows up with such a genre.

Set against the backdrops of Ooty, Jeeva (Sathya) is taken as a convict from prison to court and on the way, the story shifts to his flashback. He is seen as a messenger to convey the love of his friend Balaji (Ananth Nag) to a beautiful girl Karthika (Mia George). But in turn, she falls in love with him and they both embark on their beautiful relationship. On an unexpected turn, their parents come to know about this and show their hostility towards it and they are separated. Cut to present day, Jeeva on the way to court escapes from the clutches of police and runs away. Where is he heading towards? Watch the rest on the screens to experience something unexpected.

The dew capped mountains of Ooty, school kids with sweaters and special attraction between a boy and girl faintly reminiscences us off evergreen classic movie ‘Panneer Pushpangal’. Jeeva Shankar had employed a taut thriller narrative in his previous film ‘Naan’ and over here adapts himself to romance and tries to embellish the drama with more and more romance. Thanks to Jeeva Shankar for keeping us away from gory violence, profanity and harsh elements and yes, he manages to steal the show with poignant romance. As the story opens with the protagonist as a convict with handcuffs, we are drew inside the drama and especially the sudden turn during intermission keeps us adhered, but the flashback sequences turn out to be proceeding at slow pace with momentum dropping down. The songs and background score by Ghibran becomes the first and foremost factor of attraction that binds us emotionally towards the film in many places.

The director has strived a lot on exerting more importance towards the character of ‘Jeeva’, but Sathya struggles a lot to convey the expressions and enhance the substantiality of his role. But Mia George excels with a much magnificent performance. Even her smallest expressions are cute and she carves a niche with a strong ability to prove her prowess in performance emoting with happiness and sad gloomy nature at an ease. Thambi Ramaiah doesn’t have much to perform and others in the cast have done justice to their roles. Ananth Nag might earn the wrath of audiences for his antagonistic approach, but of course that’s the success of his career.

What works?
1. Realistic performance of Mia George
2. Songs and background score by Ghibran
3. Beautiful locales and splendid cinematography
4. Climax

What doesn’t work?
1. Screenplay is quite lengthy
2. Sathya not completely fulfilling the role of Jeeva.

The film has a beautiful and emotional depth in many places, but if screenplay was made yet more gripping and if Sathya had exerted more energy into the role, Amara Kaaviyam would have been a milestone in the genre of romance in the pages of Tamil Cinema.

Verdict: Poignant love story.

RATING: 4/10

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