Irumbu Kuthirai movie review

The Iron Bike stumbles at starting point

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Production: AGS Entertainment
Direction: Yuvaraj Bose
Cast: Atharva, Priya Anand, Raai Lakshmi, Johnny Tri Nguyen
Cinematography: R.B.Gurudev, Gopi Amarnath
Editing: T.S.Suresh
Music: G.V.Prakash Kumar

The tyres scratching the roads, the decibels flirted with excitements, sparks of fire through the hurdles on grid. That’s an eccentric style to delineate a film that has bikers as the lead characters. Naturally, these constituents ascribe genre of movies. And how about Irumbu Kuthirai? A film that comes from the bigger banner like AGS Entertainment and directed by debutant Yuvaraj Bose has biking as the basic premise.


The story is set in Pondicherry, where Prithvi (Atharvaa) works on part time at Pizzeria and shoots the breeze with his close pals (Raai Laxmi and Jagan). If breaking the road rules becomes the first motto of a Pizzeria, Prithvi is someone going completely against it. On a bus journey, he comes across a beautiful girl (Priya Anand) and later finds himself in love with her when delivering Pizza. She doesn’t reciprocate to his love and within fraction of minutes; a group of mysterious bikers (lead by Johnny Tri Nyugen of 7am Arivu fame) kidnap her beating Prithvi black and blue. What exists between an innocent Prithvi and deadly bikers? Why have they kidnapped his belle?


The basic plot of this flick sparks off only in few places. Say for instance, a five minute prior to intermission and raciness during penultimate 10 minutes. But that’s not an enough treat for the ones preferring Irumbu Kuthirai for the sake of bike mania. There is a dearth of substantial drama in the film and the complete first half fails to impress us. Only by second hour, you’re exposed to a conflict, which turns out to be a plain lifeless drama during the post-intermission.

GV Prakash disappoints with songs and background score as well. The technician league of cinematographer, editor and stunt director deserve the best appreciation for their course of best spell.


The star-cast is quite impressive and Yuvaraj could have utilised their potentials immensely. But everything falls out of places. Atharvaa rarely has a scene to deliver 1/100th of his proficiency from ‘Paradesi’ and Priya Anand has nothing exceptional to perform than appearing as a postcard model. Manobala, Swaminathan and Jagan try to evoke laughter and fail terribly. The basic problem is not the actors, but the lack of proper writing becomes a spoiler. Raai Laxmi appears as a model and rarely has any situations to be expressive. Alisha Abdullah, the real life race has been completely wasted and is just seen walking as a model beside Johnny Tri Nyugen.

What works – Cinematography, Editing, Stunts, last 10 minutes of race
What doesn’t work – Performance, story, screenplay, logic missing

Irumbu Kuthirai lacks craftsmanship skills and doesn’t engage the audiences anywhere in the film, except few minutes.

Verdict: Irumbu Kuthirai. The Iron Bike stumbles at starting point

Rating : 3/10

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