Salim Movie Review

A racy thriller with a dose of 'Naan'

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Production: Studio 9, Green Studios, Vijay Antony film Corporation
Direction: NV Nirmal Kumar
Cast: Vijay Anthony, Aksha Pardasany, RNR Manohar
Cinematography: MC Ganesh Chandra
Editing: MV Rajesh Kumar
Music: Vijay Anthony

Projected as a medical student in 'Naan', Salim has now become a doctor and faces the critical situation in his life and goes ahead to face it with his own style of combat.


The man with hidden identity – Salim is now a doctor and a saviour of many poor patients, which is obstructed by his very own hospital management for being non-commercial. He is opposed by the society, the very own girl who breaks her relationship two weeks before marriage for being so good. Losing his job, marriage and forsaken by everyone, charged with criminal case by cops for an imprisonment of 2 years is the price paid for his innocence and good-heartedness. But Salim decides to live a different life for next 24 hours and the entire city gets exposed to a gruesome truth.


A big challenge lies ahead when crafting a script for second installment of any successful franchise, especially for a film like 'Naan', which turned to be an unexpected surprisal in box office. Filmmaker Nirmal Kumar, a former associate of Bharathiraja turns up with a much engaging script that doesn’t fall apart anywhere in the middle and giving a promising drama with edge-on-seat elements in many parts. His knack of handling the last 30 minutes of the film is indeed a great highlight that comes in a package of thrill and emotional ingredients. Clear about the fact that the first hour is going to be little away from the basic plot or conflict, he places a crucial shot of girl being tortured on the alienated East Coast Road as the prologue. This indeed keeps us guessing what it might be all about and yes, the answer comes with a great impact in second hour. The dialogues are very well penned and it intensifies the depth of script to a greater degree. Just watch out for the scenes, where the cop speaks to Salim and stealthily reveals the plan. The last few lines uttered by Salim to his friend-colleague doctor Sami to swipe his card and donate the funds to orphanage, feed the pigeons moisten our eyes. The film brings in a critical social issue and the treatment with thrill elements makes it more commendable.
Background score becomes the major backbone. Vijay Antony retaining the theme music of 'Naan' and 'Ulaginil Miga Uyaram' from the prequel is a good choice. The cinematography is pretty decent and the shots placed inside the hotel room throughout the second are done with creative angles. Editing is pleasant and soft transitions add more to the engaging aspects.


An intriguing highlight about Vijay Anthony's performance is that he retains the mood of character 'Salim' from its prequel. The politeness, the sudden breakout into terrifying nature and his cool nature are worthy of appreciations. His reactions towards the fiancé filled with hatred and the emotional scenes, where he speaks to the police just takes the theatre for huge applause. RNR Manohar as the corrupt politician perfectly suits the role. The actor in the role of police officer Chezhian is the additional attraction for his style of performance and dialogues rendition win more applause. Aksha Pardasany doesn’t have much to showcase and her role is just limited to first half, but incurs the wrath of audience for being so arrogant, which itself is a success to her characterisation.

What works – Basic story, second half, last 30 minutes with unpredictable climax, Vijay Antony, background score,

What doesn’t work – Lagging first half, songs, few logic missing and weak link of connecting factors in screenplay.

Overall, Salim is engaging in many places and travels on emotional thrill ride. Despites logics that go missing in few places, the last 30 minutes of the film make you forget such instances and offer a film worthy of watching.

Verdict: A racy thriller with a dose of 'Naan'.


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