Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani Movie Review

For the ones of late 80s film buffs!

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Directed by : L. G. Ravichandhran
Produced by : Pushpa Kandaswamy, S. Mohan
Starring : Bharath, Nandita, Karunakaran, Mano Bala, Thambi Ramaiah
Music : Simon
Cinematography : P. G. Muthaiah
Edited by : V.Vijay

An illiterate youngster along with his family chisels a girl and wins the approval of her family to marry, only to realise a blunder. Bharath’s 25th film Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani is a comedy flick directed by LG Ravichandar and produced Pushpa Kandasamy and Mohan of Rajam Productions. The film stars Bharath and Nandita in lead roles with a huge star-cast of Karunakaran, Thambi Ramaiah, Mayilsamy, Bose Venkat, Badava Gopi, MS Bhaskar, Singam Puli, Renuka and many others.

Sigamani (Bharath) is a Siddha doctor, who has never been to school and pursued education and his innocence becomes his friend’s trumpcard to cheat him. Sigamani is filled with dreams of having an educated girl as his life partner and indeed comes Nandini (Nandita). Unintentionally, Sigamani and his family lies to them that he is a professional medical doctor with a MBBS graduation. Everything turns perfect for Sigamani as he marries Nandini and a twist of funny surprise comes through the intermission followed by the comedy drama of trial and errors.

It’s seems like Bharath’s 25th film is far importance to him. The actor has spelt an incredible performance in films like Nepali and Aindhu Aindhu Aindhu, but he chooses comedy caper to be his 25th film. Maybe, it’s a good decision and his performance is appreciable indeed. He repeats his lost style of gesture emoting to every situation with matured level of performance. Nandita has a dignified appearance and even her glamorous appeal in songs is pretty decent. Thambi Ramaiah gets more footage and in many places tickles our funny bones. Karunakaran, MS Bhaskar and Singam Puli have their equal share of doing something to add up humour.

So what becomes fallible in Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani? LG Ravichandar has taken up a good message to convey using humour as the instrument. The significance of Siddha medicine is elaborated during the first few minutes and later everything vanishes as Bharath gets into the chiselling drama along with his friend. Bharath is shown as such an innocent who doesn’t even know to count the currency notes, but is seen a cleaver chap in pretending to be a doctor.

A moderate effort by Simon that takes you by its tune to early 90s much alike this story and cinematography by PG Muthaiah is little disappointing. He isn’t someone who uses shaky moments with his camera, but here it is little disturbing.

The importance of education is quite good, but again the screenplay becomes dull in many places with too many dialogues to pep up humour, but no substance. The film has a lengthy duration of 150 minutes and hardly can we find around 40-50 minutes to be really interesting. LG Ravichandar has precisely decided to make a film for rural audience and maybe, their perceptions on ATSVS as a mindless entertainer would gain some appreciations.

What works – The basic theme of story, Bharath, Nanditha, Thambi Ramaiah, comedy in few places

What doesn’t work – Not engaging in many parts, screenplay, unconvincing elements, cinematography, editing and unwanted length of duration.

Verdict: For the ones of late 80s film buffs.

Rating : 2.5/10

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