Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam Movie Review

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Direction : R. Parthiepan
Produced by : K. Chandramohan
Starring : Santhosh Prathap, Akhila Kishore, Dinesh Natarajan, Lallu Prasath, Sahithya Jagannathan, Vijay Ram
Music : C. Sathya
Cinematography : Rajarathinam
Editing : R. Sudharsan

Parthiepan is known for showcasing uniqueness and difference in his approach to storytelling. Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam is about a team of young assistant directors in search of a story to make their mark in the industry.


The protagonist of this film, Santosh Prathap is involved in the discussion of script along with a team of assistant directors to make his debut film. Thambi Ramaiah has been his long time associate. As these discussions are happening at the house of Santosh, there is always a clash between him and his wife Akila whom married after a long time relationship. They change their place of discussion due to this reason and over there at the neighbourhood, there is a girl falling in love with Santosh. In an unexpected manner, she is seen dead and these youngsters are caught in web of problems. What happens next is something you’ll have to go and watch it in theatres.

Analysis of film

In the very opening of the film, we find Vishal stuck in Tsunami, Vijay Sethupathi stealing the ceiling fan from his house and Taapsee as a dumb girl teaching guitar to children in Srilanka ending her life to escape from cruel army’s rape plans. These parallel incidents get us excited on what’s going to happen next. But sooner, they are nothing but the imagination of these assistant directors during the script discussions. What follows next is an usual projection of the struggles in the lives of these young people. At equal intervals, Parthiepan doesn’t miss to give some twist in the form of a girl with some intuitions. The story almost travels in the predictable manner and yet Parthiepan places his twist in climax that leaves us surprised.


Thambi Ramaiah dominates throughout the film and he keeps you in awestruck with his performance as Scenu Seenivasan filled with long time desires and ambitions to make a good mark. But after a certain extent, it looks like he is repeatedly talkative. Santosh suits the role well with the nature of silence and good nature. So is Akila who does a neat job, but the dubbing voice of Suchitra doesn’t suit her. The actors playing the three young assistant directors are apt for the role. Arya and Amala Paul appear in few scenes and there are some cameos of actors shaking legs for a song.

What works – Different formula of Parthiepan, Thambi Ramaiah + actors in cameo roles, Twists in screenplay, Few comedy scenes.

What doest work – The story and screenplay are incoherent, abrupt songs.

Overall, Parthiepan tries to offer something new and different to the audience with his unique method of storytelling. But this will be liked by the ones who have been struggling in the industry for years and it’s a little doubt about how common audience will like it.

Verdict : Exclusively for lovers of different cinema.

Rating : 4.5/10

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