RIP Robin Williams – A shock to the world

RIP Robin Williams – A shock to the world

News 12-Aug-2014 9:57 AM IST RM Comments

Sometimes certain things never make you believe. They always remain paradoxical and so is this moment, when the entire world flashes the shocking fact that Hollywood’s most celebrated academy award winning actor Robin Williams has passed away. He has been an inspiration to millions and billions of actors and aspiring ones. Even the most prominent films in Tamil like Avvai Shanmughi were replicated from his famous film ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’. His movies still keep us brimmed with laughter and there is no other actor who could deliver some of the promising performances in various roles as Robin Williams did. He was found dead at his residence before a hour in California and the local police department suspects it of suicide. Some of the reports claim that Robin Williams (63) was battling with depression in the last few days of his life.

And still, we are stuck in shock that never makes us believe he has departed from this world.

RIP Robin Williams. The kids, men and women of centuries to come will be delighted and entertained with your magnum opuses.

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