Hansika’s good-hearted birthday delight with kids

Hansika’s good-hearted birthday delight with kids

News 9-Aug-2014 11:14 AM IST RM Comments

For every birthday, Hansika Motwani makes sure that it is celebrated in a meaningful manner. Her birthdays doesn’t end with lavish parties, but she makes sure of adopting kids every year on this occasion and of course, she is like a foster mother of 25 kids and they’re so much blessed to be cared by her. This birthday, she has adopted 5 kids and will be taking care of their personal needs , food, basic amenities for hale and healthy life. She has indeed commenced her ‘Hansika Child Trust’ that will be completely focalising on the well being of these kids. She makes sure of celebrating her birthdays with these kids. We are so much delighted to see the kind gesture of Hansika and this inspiring deed is so much appreciable.

We at Top 10 Cinema extend our heartiest birthday wishes to Haniska Motwani and pray that her good gestures and happiness may persist forever.

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