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"A thrilling ride ""Into the Storm"""

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Every now and then, Hollywood directors give us a treat with some disasters happening in the world causing damage to the earth and mankind. Already a movie named Twister came in the same genre and created a huge vibe. Now the twister just grows bigger in time and comes in the name of "Into the Storm". The movie was produced by Warner Bros, Screenplay by John Swetnam, Brain pearson handles the camera and directed by Steven Quale. Does it make an impact to the audience is the question.

Allison the lady who studies about Storms and she with her team comes near the Silverton (The town where storm arrives) for getting the live footage of the storm. She comes with Pete, the person who has arranged this, for the channel. They come with a specially designed tanker which can with stand the wind speed of 170 mph. On the other hand Donnie and Kaitlyn gets stuck in a old paper mill where they went to shoot the project for Kaitlyn. Gary - the father and Trey - the brother of Donnie go in search of him after witnessing the small twister in the school area. Its the same storm which hit the school also hit the papermill and has made Donnie and Kaitlyn stuck in an underground in the paper mill.

Allison and Gary meet together at a point when Gary saves Allison and then she comes with Gary to papermill to save Donnie and Kaitlyn. The Real edge of the seat moments start after they save the Donnie and Kaitlyn couple from the papermill. The most mightiest Storm arrives and how they escape from that particular storm is the nail biting moment of the movie.

The Storm is totally computer graphics and it has been done with utmost care and passion. Though the story of the movie was a tried and tested product, the screenplay was given a new treatment and new situation, with some unconditional love. Though there are logic mistakes, the movie's speed and screenplay does not allow us to think of it.

Verdict : A thrilling ride "Into the Storm"

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