Sarabham movie review

An insensible thriller...

Reviews 2-Aug-2014 9:21 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Production: Thirukumaran Entertainment
Direction : Arun Mohan
Cast : Naveen Chandra, Saloni, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren
Cinematography : Krishnan Vasanth
Music : Britto Michael
Editting : Leo John Paul

The brand name of CV Kumar and Thirukumaran Entertainment has been associated with some of the season’s best hit movies. Brimming with same confidence over making business, the producer has made Sarabham, which marks the debut directorial of Arun Mohan. The film stars Naveen Chandra, Saloni and Aadukalam Narain in lead roles.

An ordinary day in the life of Vikram, a project head at leading corporate company changes when he comes across a beautiful girl Shruthi (Saloni), daughter of a proficient businessman (Narain)... It all takes a night to change their lives as they hatch a kidnap plan drama to loot huge ransom money from her father. Everything goes as planned and they get the money. Vikram drops Shruthi near her place as per the plans only to realise the very next day that she has been mysteriously murdered. The next proceeding drama is laced with interesting twist elements in the tale.

Naveen Chandra has done good performances in the previous Telugu movies and his acting skills are quite at his best here. In fact, he gets good scope to perform this role, but he exerts same kind of reactions to all situations. Saloni gets more footage than the protagonist and she excels with her role. Aadukalam fame Narain comes up with stereotypical performances and it gets us bored after certain extent.

The complete movie has a short film essence as there are hardly 3-4 scenes that is worthy of appreciations. The first half has no interesting drama happening and when it commutes to the second hour, it is just about few twists and turns, but the climax reminiscences of a famous horror movie in Tamil.

Concluding with the analysis, the director has just banked his hopes on few twists and doesn’t offer substantiality to the screenplay, which becomes a spoiler indeed.

What works – Some surprising twists in second half

What doesn’t work – Slow and flimsy first half, illogical elements, technical aspects

Verdict: An insensible thriller...


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