Special Look: Why you won’t be disappointed with Sathuranga Vettai?

Special Look: Why you won’t be disappointed with Sathuranga Vettai?

Features 17-Jul-2014 3:08 PM IST RM Comments

What’s so special about Sathuranga Vettai? We feel there isn’t any need for this to elevate the hype, but the teasers have conveyed how substantial it is going to be. Sathuranga Vettai marks the maiden production of Manobala and is directed by debutant filmmaker Vinod. The film stars cinematographer-actor Natarajan and Isha Nair in lead roles.

Usually, there would be more features based on ‘N’ reasons to watch a film, but we bring you something different and why you won’t be disappointed with Sathuranga Vettai.

First and foremost, it’s the concept that Vinod has taken as plot. Con movies aren’t something new to Tamil cinema, but not in plethora. Such genre of movies like Mankatha and Soodhu Kavvum had a great impact with commercial success and critical acclaims as well. Sathuranga Vettai is an unparalleled film with an interesting plot.
The dialogues in teaser that says Nallavana Irundha Seththaparam Sorgam Paakkalam, Kettavana Irundha Vaalum Podhe Paakkalaam is already spreading with huge response.

There are more dialogues in the film that will constantly keep you involved in the applause session.

The film has a running length of 2hrs.25mins and according to director Vinod; there are more interesting drama that will keep increasing the momentum of screenplay.

Technically, the film would be more appealing and this new bunch of technicians will add more intensity to the film’s narration.

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