Dhanush opens up special things on VIP

Dhanush opens up special things on VIP

News 8-Jul-2014 11:29 AM IST RM Comments

Velai Illa Pattadhaari marks 25th film of Dhanush as an actor and everyone in the industry are so much awaiting his film as the trailers have already made a huge mark and so are the songs by Anirudh. Recently, the entire crew of this film had met the media channels for the promotional activity and interacted with on this project. The film marks the debut directorial of cinematographer R. Velraj and has Amala Paul starring opposite Dhanush in female lead and Samuthirakani as his father.

Speaking on the occasion, Dhanush said, “Earlier, it was so difficult for anyone to enter film industry, but they could retain their position so well. But now, things have changed so much now. It is easy to make our entry, but sustaining the status is a big challenge. I am really happy that Velraj has given a good film for me at the right point of time. As an actor and producer, I am so much emotionally bound to this film.”

“Vivekh sir has been constantly avoiding the film offers in the recent times, but he took it up for my sake. It shows the love and affection he has for me. I am blessed by God to have him in my film. In 80s and 90s, it was Manorama who used to play the mother of almost every actor and actress in the film. Now, Saranya madam has took over the position. Her role in the film and the song ‘Amma Amma’ she has acted for the Janaki Amma’s voice has come out so well.”

Sharing the role essayed by Amala Paul, Dhanush said, “Just like how you mention about me as a boy-to-next-door, Amala Paul plays such a girl of next door. It is really difficult for an actress to play such a role and she has carried it out very well with an unparalleled panache.”

Taking about Samuthirakkani, who plays his father, he said, “I’m not sure if Samuthirakkani sir was okay with the role of my father I am approached him with. But many around him were keen on letting him not to accept this offer. But he showed his kind gesture upon me by accepting it.”

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