Arima Nambi Movie Review

Passably gripping in parts

Reviews 4-Jul-2014 11:01 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Director : Anand Shankar
Production : Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Starring : Vikram Prabhu, Priya Anand, JD Chakravarthy
Music : Sivamani
Cinematography : R. D. Rajasekhar
Editing : Bhuvan Srinivasan
Release date : 4th July 2014

When his girlfriend Anamika (Priya Anand) is kidnapped on second date at her apartment, Arjun Krishna (Vikram Prabhu) must break all hurdles, run against time and not only save her, but unravel a buried mystery that will change the fate of a politician (JD Chakravarthy).

Glimpsing on the lines would give an idea that it’s a simple story, but debutant Anand Shankar has put an aggressive intensity to the script. 10 minutes into the film, you’re given no time to think about anything, even the few logics missing out, but just bite your nails on what’s going to happen next. The young filmmaker’s painstaking work on screenplay during first half is so much appreciable. Let us break into different phases – Before the opening title credits would end, hero and heroine are almost in love at first sight. The next five minutes breaks open the plot and conflict of what this film is all about and succeeding 30 minutes of the film offers the ever gripping thrill moments of chases and fights (yes, there is a ridiculous mistake of a cop being killed and you find some vehicles on bridge during midnight, but its pardonable). By the time intermission strikes after 70 minutes, you’re spellbound over the narration. In contrast, everything changes into a deplorable phase post-intermission. There is a dearth of involvement in spite of so many sequences that unveils shocking truth.

Maybe, we still keep referring Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Logic ends when drama begins’, but that’s applicable only to certain extent, isn’t it? Every character is delineated as a fool here, the cops, hackers and media channels. There are lots of questions and doubts that incessantly occur during second half. How come the CEO of a chart-topping TV channel could be easily killed? A senior reported casually killed inside his own firm by the goons. Would the entire police department go in favour of a criminal politician and follow his instructions? Even the Prime Minister of a country doesn't have the authority to use or misuse his power to shut down satellite operations and how come an IB minister. How can an ordinary man walk inside a powerful firm without being captured in CCTVs?

As these aspects keep you disappointed, there are certain sequences that let you go for appreciations. The protagonist’s plan to keep the cops on run, ATM deposit, credit card swiped at Cafe is cherry pick.

Vikram Prabhu plays a cool chap and never over reacts in any scenes. He is perfect to the core in every situation. Priya Anand’s makeover deserves special mention, but her part in this film is all about a never-ending run. MS Bhaskar offers an ultimate surprise with his performance. He has to thank his director for offering a powerful role that he didn’t get all throughout his career. JD Chakravarthy as usual does his job well, but resembles his lunatic act in Sarvam and Samar. Arjun as Vikram Prabhu’s friend doesn’t evoke much humour.

The visuals are so magnificent and even the normal ambience is turned into grand ones with RD Rajasekhar’s cinematography. Be it action sequence, songs or any ordinary one situation, RD has very well placed the camera and treatment of tones is extraordinary. Editing is sleek and perfect for an action thriller. The songs turn out to be a little disappointment and the background score in few places enhances the narrative strength of Anand Shankar.

Arima Nambi has a powerful plot and if carried out well with a perfect screenplay during second half avoiding lack of logics, it would have been a gripping thriller entertainer. It’s mediocre thriller on whole and can be watched once.

What works – First half, Cinematography by RD Rajashekar, background score mostly on percussion that offer thrill effect, gripping screenplay, casting and performance of actors.

What doesn’t work – Lack of logics, unbelievably hypothetical scenes, there is no romance between the lead pairs, songs

Verdict: Passably gripping in parts.

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